The Hilarious Hypocrisy Of GettingRacistsFired

Almost as quickly as GettingRacistsFired befouled the air, it appears to be on its way out. Like a fart in the wind. The emotionally-unstable woman “with complicated gender pronouns” (read: ugly) that runs this site cannot take what she was trying to dish out. Not at all surprising.

Except I don’t see what all the fuss was about to begin with.

What this freako offered on her blog wasn’t much more than four screencaps of two guys that really weren’t that offensive. The transphobic one was silly and forgettable; the one that seemed to really get people’s attention involved an Ontario mining company’s employee commenting on Ferguson.

It's actually a fairly reasonable question.
It’s actually a fairly reasonable question. A belt would free up the youth’s left hand, doubling his productivity. #Whitesplaining
Funny enough, the last two screencaps clear Paul Holsey of what malicious intent could be inferred by the pic above. The second screencap has both whites and blacks running from something, Paul’s comment is “what is wrong with people.” No adjective. The third screencap is a status asking what is wrong with racial relations in America to begin with… No explicit mention of race.

At best, this company’s HR department will assign sensitivity training for him. There isn’t enough here for the company to fire him without possible legal recourse. Leave it to overeducated liberal arts majors to be too fucking stupid to properly smear someone.

Funnier still, this blog and several bleeding hearts on Facebook have publicly accused Paul of being a “skinhead” on his employment’s page, with zero evidence. The only people who are explicitly breaking a law are the SJWs. Slow clap, guise.

I wanted to make this article about the hilariously hypocritical notion of Social Justice destroying human rights in the name of human rights. That these #sobrave warriors are fighting against oppression by oppressing. That these humanitarians are far worse than anything they pretend to fight against, that the primary drive of the progressive is projection.

This sort of behavior is far worse than anything that is alleged to have happened under Joseph McCarthy or Richard Nixon. The world these freaks desire is a dystopia even Orwell would have balked at.

I’m quitting, but you lose? Okay.jpg
…Except we find that these people are simply too weak to keep up their Big Brother act. Turns out they can’t stomach even a sample of what they dish out. I don’t expect many to come forward and take up the GettingRacistsFired mantle. If this blog even continues, I suspect it will likely focus on tepid screencaps that don’t get anyone fired (that’s like 75% of tumblr anyway). If it does try and play big again, we’ll have a small backlash and hysterical ragequit post to chuckle over.

The moral of the story that the fat, progressive cat ladies will never get through zir thick skulls: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.