TRS Holiday Shopping Guide: The Edgy Teenage Leftist Starter Pack

We here at TRS know that shopping for the Holidays can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to fight hetero-patriarchial white colonialist capitalism while also taking advantage of super low prices and online deals created by exploitative mega-corporations. To take some of the stress out of buying gifts for that angst-ridden disenfranchised teenager in your life, we’ve compiled this handy starter pack of items you can package inside this stylish Hammer and Sickle Gift Wrap. Now just $21.95 from Zazzle! Great for wrapping a special surprise for the petite bourgeois, college-aged, revolutionary intellectual in your life. Celebrate Christmas and the glorious worker’s republic at the same time!

1. Rage Against the Machine and Immortal Technique albums is the place to find these pathbreaking anti-capitalist artists who inspired an entire generation to purchase their revolutionary music at low low prices from large faceless corporations printed on plastics made out of environmentally hazardous petro-chemicals. TRS’s recommendation is “Evil Empire” for its brave political stance against Ronald Reagan’s shameless slandering of the Glorious Soviet Union. Songs like “Vietnow” and “Bulls on Parade” are a great way for socially aware youths to frighten racist old white codgers with anti-establishment political messages from the mid 1990s. No angst-ridden college kid’s CD rack is complete without a copy of this anti-imperialist classic. On sale for $7.29 at amazon. Available in bulk quantities.

And let’s not forget about Immortal Technique, this vibrant young South American rapper is so edgy he has “revolutionary” right there in the title of his record! Less well known that Rage Against the Machine, your rebellious teen will gain status points with their friends from the anarchist collective for knowing about this non-white underground hip hop artist before anyone else. Signal your deeper knowledge of the struggle with this title on your CD rack! On sale as low as $8.99 from amazon!

Also remember to take advantage of this special promotional offer when shopping amazon: (Get a $150 Gift Card: Get the Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card and earn a $150.00 digital Gift Card* after $1,000 in card purchases within 3 months of account opening.)

2. A selection of reading material from Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson and Naomi Klein*

Barnes and Noble Booksellers are always my first stop for literature condemning the vile exploitation of unsustainable consumer capitalism, and with a Barnes and Noble Membership Card, you’ll save up to 40% on the greatest treatises against capitalist hegemony like Noam Chomsky’s On Anarchism, Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, and Chalmers Johnson’s Nemesis, the long awaited conclusion to his American Empire Project. And Don’t forget the Communist Manifesto as a stocking stuffer! The essential left wing reading list is all here, and even better, none of these classics is written at higher than an 8th grade reading level, making them accessible even for those extra special teens with ADHD. Read them in easily digestable segments before that Adderall prescription wears off!

chomsky-on-anarchism Naomi-klein-the-shock-doctrine

3. Che Guavara T-shirts and memorabilia

Let’s face it, when it comes to signaling discontent with the status quo, no face is more immediately recognizable than that of this late Cuban guerrilla fighter. With Che Guevara gear, strangers and friends alike will have no doubt where your special and unique alienated teenager stands in the class struggle! The Che Store has got your back for purchasing merchandise dedicated to everyone’s favorite socialist anti-capitalist revolutionary, and is currently running a 25 % OFF BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Just look at the huge selection featured in this video hosted on Youtube®!