A Thousand Pounds of Denial

This is what liberals actually fucking believe.
This is what liberals actually fucking believe.
The latest dindu focus has been the tragic story of Tamir Rice; a twelve-year-old who was stupid enough to modify a BB-gun to give it the appearance of a real gun. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, until you’re pointing it at everyone around you in a public space to intimidate them. That’s when the cops showed up. The cops asked him to drop it. Instead, he pointed the gun at the police. They shot him, and rightfully so. In our sensationalized columbine culture, you’re straight up fucking dumb if you think a teen or preteen with a gun is no threat.

And now this cartoonist wants to pretend… what, exactly? That White kids with guns are treated as a a non-threat? Really? I mean I’m actually trying to understand, and I really hope that’s not what the cartoonist is projecting here. Obviously a White kid walking around with an AR-15 would be stopped immediately by police, and “literally pointing it at federal agents” would lead to his “literal” death, “literally.”

I don’t want to spend much time deconstructing the overwhelmingly stupid Bundy Ranch comparison, but if you think an organized Bundy Ranch protest is an adequate comparison to this dindu waving a realistic looking toy gun around in a public space, you’re drunk off your context denial. It’s more than that. You’re entering a zone designed for schizophrenics, where you can no longer accurately evaluate reality through your own rationale.

I’m going to go ahead and give this shithead cartoonist the benefit of the doubt, and assume he’s trying to project the idea that White kids/teens are generally seen as less threatening by police. This is probably true, and in a sane world, it ought to be true. It’s no mystery that Black males commit much more violent crime than White males. I would hope a police officer would be more cautious of Blacks, as I would hope any of you would be cautious driving around a senile driver. However, I believe this cartoon takes it a step further, claiming White kids with guns are generally seen as nonthreatening. Last time I checked, we never hear the end of dildo media wailing about the enigmatic dangers of White male mind when a mass-shooting takes place.

I also love the clever switch of skin color, keeping all features intact. Once again, another case of depicting non-Whites as White presenting. This leaves me fairly certain that the cartoonist lives far, far away from urban youfs, allowing himself to draw out his fantasies unaligned with reality comfortably. Cognitive dissonance really is a downer. Remember, keeping your mind locked in an empty egalitarian space is key to properly addressing whatever hierarchical “isms” are ruining your day, and not allowing you to properly enjoy your chai latte.

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