The Ignominious Cuckification Of Jack Hunter

Once upon a time, there was this cool southern dude that would wear a Confederate flag mask and red pill people on several non-PC topics. He called himself the Southern Avenger.

Then one day the Southern Avenger traded his mask for a comb-over and dildo. The end.

This, from a guy who once released videos against the 14th Amendment.
That’s just swell, Jackie. Let’s pretend a coherent “oppressed voice” exists amid the looting of any productive human capital in the area. Let’s pretend a bunch of savages destroying their neighborhood had anything to do with a coherent political statement. Let’s pretend we’re not putting words in their mouths, that we’re not actually removing any and all agency from these people. Let’s ignore that an ethnic group reduces their community to rubble and we are expected to treat it like a dog shitting on the rug.

You’re really doing a lot to challenge the system and have a meaningful impact on the dialogue, JackJack. I bet your tepid handling of realities you once understood will really do something to facilitate a conversation on this issue.

Oh well, I guess it keeps the donor money flowing. And I suppose that’s a good thing. Seeing as you have no principles, ideals or dignity left anymore, money is about all you have.


Jack’s life lesson includes selling your soul to become satrap of a rentseeking political website and have your ass kissed by sniveling, parasitic ladder-climbers. Not that this life lesson is unique: practically every notable libertarian figure today seems to embrace such a lifestyle. This explains why so many of our growing readership include disaffected libertarians… Lol, blowback.

I considered using this article to formally rescind Jackie’s southern privilege. Seeing that this man has reduced himself to a ciphering betacuck for what amounts to political welfare, I find such an act both unnecessary and unseemly.

That said, I do feel it both fitting and proper to demand that Mr. Hunter mail me his mask. I know he has it, and we all know that he doesn’t deserve it anymore. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure: that mask would perfectly match my suit for the upcoming AmRen Conference.

You can have one of your intermediaries work out details via email or the site contact function. Don’t PM.