SWPL Dissonance Over The Darren Wilson Ruling

swpl1It’s funny, remove the first seven words and the last six and you have a pretty solid TRS argument.

swpl2In war

In peace, CS makes a fine alternative to other methods of crowd dispersal. Like enfilading machine guns.

swpl3I wonder what this “libertarian” thinks about hordes of dindus stampeding into small businesses and looting them into bankruptcy. I wonder if he realizes a good number of thinkers in the Ron Paul milieu would actually support police brutality over the monstrosity of the mob. Modal libertarian faggotry needs to end.

swpl4True story: childish disregard for someone’s person and property has an entirely different context when you’re a 300 pound negro and not some stupid little girl. You would understand this had you ever learned to grow the fuck up.
#ancap #woman #noagency #kitchen

swpl5Prediction: five cats, one mixed child in jail, no husband.

While I could post plenty more, these screencaps suffice to provide readers a glimpse into the SWPL mind. We see that, when presented with the dissonant reality of Peak Negro, leftie whites conjure up rhetorical and ideological distractions. Demonstrations, police brutality, Geneva Conventions, oppression, et cetera and ad nauseum.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, white lefties spam hashtag bullshit while Ferguson burns.