Student For Liberty Endorses Show Trials To Fight Racism. Lol

chawlaI see your #InstitutionalRacism and raise you #InstitutionalTotalitarianism. I bet that will teach people not to be biased. I bet this will advance human liberty in a meaningful way.

What makes this so funny is to look up Mr. Chawla’s involvement with “libertarianism,” in particular his page on the Students For Liberty website.


Ankur Chawla is/was on SFL’s executive board. He is/was a Regional Director. This means he is supposed to understand how liberty works. Actually, I’m pretty sure “liberty works” is a meme SFL attempts to push. Looks like liberty doesn’t work for Ankur.

Looking at his “favorite figures in liberty,” I don’t think Chawla understands what they were about. I don’t recall Hayek writing in favor of Soviet or Nazi show trials. I don’t remember Aristotle being very happy at the Greek people “making an example” of Socrates. Thoreau was the man who promulgated the idea of civil disobedience, and I imagine he would have an issue with Ankur’s desire for exemplary justice.

Seems to me a man who believes in anything resembling libertarian principles would not support someone being denied his natural rights to appease the feelings of emotional lumpenprole. Seems to me an organization dedicated to promoting libertarian principles has a notable member promoting socialist ones. Yeah, oops.