[PHOTO] Brave New Liberty

Bravery Level: So
*Pictured (L to R): Boppo, Ginasarus-Rex, Cuck James, Blue Jeans Means This Are Serious Ceremony, Mrs. Potato Head *

Good God, G-Rex has put on like 60 pounds in the last few months. I suspect she ate one of those shrimpy betacucks at a recent SFL conference.

“Metamour” is a word I’ve never seen before, guessing “meta” is a more cool and postmodern-sounding prefix. A liberal arts degree is good for stupid words and ugly gangbangs.

Looking at the picture, I’m guessing Cuck James is the primary wiener in this relationship, with Boppo and Blue Jeans the benchwarmers… Potato Head is the bench.

I’ve been told there is pic of this motley crew after their “sleepover” wedding night eating pancakes. Kinda reminds me of that Jack Johnson song, except frumpy and left-libertarian (redundant).

Overall pretty gross, but far better than what you find in your typical voluntaryist “relationship.”

I give it:

6 out of 10 ovens