Shanesha Taylor draws attention to high-time preference behavior in black community


TL/DR for our readers:

shanesha>Shanesha interviews for a job.

Leaves children in car for interview.
Gets arrested for endangerment.
Teary eyed mug shot creates opportunity for social signalling.
White Guilt donates close to $100,000 dollars.
Prosecutor will not pursue jail time if she puts some of the money aside for the children.
”Lol what money?”

“The money is gone by all accounts,” says Reverend Jarret Maupin a former supporter of Shanesha Taylor. “It’s been spent on designer clothes, family outings in and out of this city and reports that $6000 spent on studio time for her baby daddy’s rap album.”

I want to give this rap album a listen. Confession: I consider shitty amateur rap an amusing, guilty pleasure.

For anyone interested in how White Guilt attempts to defend Miss Taylor, there is a rambling Examiner article that projects racism on the state of Arizona for daring to hold Shanesha to any sort of standard.  The math doesn’t add up, and the author removes any agency from this woman in his attack on mean ole’ whitey. Of course.

At TRS we recognize that the underlying issue was in giving this woman control over such a massive amount of money to begin with. It should have been obvious to everyone that a woman that abandons her own children in a vehicle for an interview would likely treat money she didn’t earn in a similar, disposable fashion. We see this behavior exhibited over and over through the years, particularly in lottery winners and professional athletes post-career.

While it’s still trendy to regurgitate Rousseau and blame these time preference issues on institutions and racism, it appears a growing number of people are no longer convinced.

We will keep our readers updated on Dinduesha Taylor’s oppression as events unfold.