Ghoul's Brief Analysis (Daily Shoah Episode 14.88 Transcript)

Capitalism is demonstrably shown to work. However, the attempt to intertwine the success of capitalism with the dildo granted Western society a short lived euphoria before becoming a threat to itself. I’m stating this now because for some reason, possibly to do classical conditioning, many immediately make the leap from anti-cultural dildo to inefficient economic concepts that attempt to turn the market into the church. Fascism was a demonstrable economic failure, as was communism. I know many listeners get their stupid economic information from watching hours of amateur YouTube videos praising hitlernomics (such videos may include Greatest Story Never Told, National Alliance videos, etc). We could maybe address why in fact Hitlernomics were piss poor in disective detail on another podcast, but long story short, Hitler ultimately did nothing but create a massive martial economic bubble. The economy was not built for long lasting purposes. It was built for starting a war, and winning a war. Perhaps some might argue that the Germans could maintain stability post-war by basically holding a gun to the head of the world, but that’s ultimately a ridiculous assertion. Again, topic for another time.

Regarding Libertarianism:

Classical liberalism’s champion, John Locke, was an idiot. He makes a very false assumption of humanity and Western peoples. To Locke, human and market interaction is a completely voluntary phenomenon, due to the high intellectual capacity of humans* to desire a more prosperous society through logical and peaceful evaluation. Because of this, he believed a government ought to be small, and strictly serve the whims of the populace to achieve the most prosperous and free society. He also believed all people where born into a morally equal blank state, and that all people have intrinsic value.

It sounds nice because it’s completely self-empowering. When libertarians/liberals make claims of human importance, it’s a self-valuing claim with a collective cushion; basically saying “I am very important” with safe language.

The truth is humans have the value they create. Value is demonstrable, not magical. Also, human interaction is not a voluntary phenomenon. We interact because we must interact. Sure, you can claim interaction is voluntary because nobody is forcing you to do it, but it’s equivalent to arguing the consumption of food is a voluntary action. You choose what to eat, but you must eat to live. You choose who to interact with, but you must interact one way or another. Eating poisonous food is self-destructive, regardless of your choosing to consume it, and poisonous human interaction is self destructive to society, unjustified by the freedom of the interaction.

Yes, people can get by eating poisonous food, and people can sometimes get by living in solidarity. They will almost always, or possibly always, be driven mad. We’re measuring what is best for society, not if society can live under garbage conditions.

Our shared living conditions are completely reliant on the physical and psychological health of society at large. When the physical or psychological health is threatened, it’s the duty of powers that be to secure the populace from the threat, be it internal or external. Pinochet is a good example of this. The physical defense is obvious, but the poison of Locke defends the modern internal self-destructive interaction, lifestyles, and philosophies.

The way of Locke gave us feminism. It gave us civil rights movements. It gave us the swollen egalitarianism we have today. When John Locke and Adam Smith intertwined, their synthesis was not a stable one. Egalitarianism and hierarchy (of any kind, including market hierarchy) do not stand hand-in-hand for long. It’s only a matter of time until one dismantles the other. We’re seeing this happen right now, of course. People strive for cognitive consistency. Such is the way of things.

Classical liberalism was not corrupted. It inevitably became modern liberalism. What’s really funny is we are observing libertarianism become more and more dildo, like a contained experiment observing the inevitable stages of liberalism. Libertarians do little but act as useful idiots for liberalism, and we’re starting to see many libertarians being just plain useful to liberalism.

The way of Locke is too self-empowering. Once the seed is implanted, force is required to pull it out. It’s easy to win over a populace with Lockian promises, it’s easy to worship your own asshole with Lockian goggles. It’s easily to believe you are inherently worthy with Locke’s ego.  Democracy and Locke are the perfect synthesis for a deadly, deadly poison.

Digging a little deeper, I feel some libertarians have started to understand the poison; hence edgytarianism comes into being. The market egoists, ancaps who tossed away NAP, “brutalists”, etc, are onto something. Don’t mistake my sympathies for admiration. They are still autists through and through. These groups should be thought of more like training grounds, the way anarchism and neo-communism are training grounds for effective modern liberalism.

The problem with libertarianism, and generalized American conservatism in many aspects, is the inability to remove Locke. It’s a hard enemy to identify for many Westerners, being all they culturally conceive are Locke’s ethics. Too often folks simply try to out-dildo each other, without realizing the only winner is the dildo.

So what is the right course of action? If you’re looking for the perfect solution for the perfect outcome, I’m afraid to tell you it simply does not exist. What should be sought after is the most plausible solution for less dildo and more markets, given our current situation. This is why voting is not a waste of time (depending on your state, anyway). The recent republican victory has most likely halted Obama’s amnesty for millions of illegals. It has most likely opened the door for more conservative economics. As I’ve said before, democracy is possibly one of the worst (if no the worst) form of political governance ever conceived, but we’re dealing with the cards we’re dealt.

So is the GOP the “final solution”? This depends on the question you’re asking. If you’re asking me if I believe the GOP can deliver onto Americans a perfect nation, the answer is a flaming and obvious no. A desirable nation? That depends on the context of the question you’re asking. The GOP is flawed- even seriously flawed, and Locke still poisons the minds of American conservatives. Politics is a shitty game to play. It’s not exciting. It’s not playing a simple game of Risk.

The desire for an exciting “final solution” to our problems is the door that leads one to escapism and LARPing. We all LARP a little when we’re young. The ambition of youth is exactly why many of the young politically involved are some kind of “radical revolutionary”. However, LARPing should be seen is anything but harmless imagination games. Most understand this, but some do not. To even bother giving such folk the time of day is a waste of precious time. Assertions of Anarcho-techno utopias, national stateless societies, Skyrim revolutionary fantasies, revival of european-style monarchies in America, etc, are ultimately useless. We could explore what psychologically drives idiots to x or y escapism, but that’s a topic for another time.

It does not matter how one builds a case for such things as a desirable outcome, or even using a false dilemma to assert these things are the “only” outcome for survival. Humoring childish concepts with analytics does not prove legitimacy in childish ideas. It merely demonstrates how to effectively behave and believe like a child. Logical proofs and argumentation theory bound within the bubble of LARP is like eating a plate of feces with polite dining etiquette.

Once someone crosses the line into unrealism and escapism, humoring the assertion is just plain stupid. No amount of “muh fallacy” changes that. They all seem to know this deep down, and I guess that’s why I drive them crazy by pointing it out. Hard work isn’t fun; singularities are. Most of the time, it was never about reality. It was always about escapism and swelling self-importance.

That’s ultimately all the time I’ll spend talking about the irrelevant tumblrisms of the right, possibly ever. A waste of time is a waste of time. In the past I’ve written articles to essentially rustle the jimmies of escapists and LARPers, and for anyone who was looking forward to more of those, I’m sorry but I’ve basically had my fun. Consider this my final regards for such things.

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