Degenerate Electorate

Having come out of yet another midterm election, this is the period of time that American media spends analyzing what went right and what went wrong.  They simply cheer for what went right without any time spent on how it occurred.  Even with what went wrong, they never analyze the systematic inefficiency, only what went wrong specifically for their ideological torchbearers.  Though expecting anything else would be a bit like anticipating an objective meta-analysis of the societal determinants of a rape incident by the victim or the rapist.  One knows they got what they wanted and the other knows they got what they did not want.

Don't Rape
Some people don’t like rape jokes, I find it eases the tension afterwards.
To be fair though, both major political party criticisms of electoral issues are correct.  That’s right, I said it.  Democrats scream bloody murder about too much corporate money in the system and low voter turn outs, they are 100% correct.  Republicans will complain more about districting and voter  fraud, again 100% right.  Neither of them look at causation though.  They run head first blindly toward some half-baked solution.

Blind Tears
I dated a blind woman for awhile, the hardest part was getting her husband’s voice right.
Before you start looking for a solution, you must understand the problems which requires you to ask complex questions like “why?”  Why is there so much corporate money built into the electoral system?  Why are there so many issues with districting?  Voter fraud?  Why are all politicians such degenerates?  How do we solve the problem of squatters at dildo farms?

The reason for corporate money in the electoral system is the power of propaganda and commercialization over the principal portion of the electorate, degenerates.  A degenerate is swayed not by logic or reason.  The only thing to penetrate the mind of a degenerate are narratives based in fear or desire.  One way or another the electorate will be swayed by a narrative, the more degenerate the electorate, the simpler and less evidence is needed for the narrative.

Voter turnout is low because degenerates feel their vote is not important, some people claim it is due to a lack of choice but the truth is that half of the degenerates at any one time are too busy filling their orifices with real dildos to be bothered with political ones. Districting is done in the name of either fairness or to drown out the voice of a particular demographic. Voter fraud is a problem for many reasons but is only possible due to over-complication in the electoral infrastructure, allowing for obfuscation.

As good as it may have felt to bathe in degenerate tears this election cycle.
As good as it may have felt to bathe in degenerate tears this election cycle.
A smaller and identified electorate would negate a lot of the issues related to complication (voter fraud) or attempts to allow or curtail disadvantaged demographics in representation.  Voting should only be permitted to those with a stake in the society and granted based on extent of stake, not to degenerates. To grant suffrage to people with zero stake in the success of the group is worse than carelessness, it is insanity.  It should be made a privilege.

The solution to all of these problems is to destroy the concept of voting as a right.  By limiting suffrage, we increase the value of votes and voters.  By limiting suffrage to those who represent virtues beneficial to society, we promote those virtues bilaterally and at the same time.  Expecting people who have done nothing to improve their lot in life to vote in any way other than destructively or in a manner consistent with their free willing life style is tantamount to societal suicide.

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Lysander Swooner is an American racial nationalist, political philosopher, satirist, traditionalist, gender realist, race realist, conspiracy theorist, and entrepreneur of the twenty-first century.