Turn Out... For What?

Before we overdose on liberal tears, let’s explore the hilarious campaign fail that was #TURNOUTFORWHAT

What kind of message was that? What kind of identity is that conveying, what kind of ideal? No wonder Tyrone, Mohammed and Aiden stayed home while Grandpa and Grandma put Republicans back in the Capitol. Who wants to turn out for that?

It’s not surprising this video didn’t go viral, that Huffpo or Upworthy wasn’t declaring “so much this.” Fact of the matter is, this ad went too far, it was* too much this*.

By attempting to transform obvious caricatures into something that actually represented political, philosophical ideals and identity, Rock The Vote caused people to reconsider taking the five minutes out of their day to press some buttons.

Something to think about: there exists such a thing as “too much dildos.”

The subliminal messages may have repulsed liberals, but #TURNOUTFORWHAT stands out as an absolute shoah of hilarity for those of us in TRS. Allow me to share with you, dear reader, what images popped into my mind as I was watching this pathetic excuse for a campaign ad.

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