You Won't Believe What Happens When A Frumpy Jewess Waddles Around New York for 10 Hours!

Or maybe you would. These sorts of things have become rather predictable after all. In case you missed it, earlier this week a video of a large-breasted, stumpy-legged, Jewess named Shoshana B. Roberts waddling around Manhattan and getting harassed by various vibrant individuals went viral on the internet. What started out as a fairly straightforward attempt at rent-seeking inadvertently revealed some uncomfortable truths about the racial demographics of street harassment in urban America.

As you would expect, despite the assertion that she was accosted by people “of all backgrounds” no white men (to say nothing of Asians) engaged in any harassment or catcalls in the video. The one white man that I saw tipped his hat and said “Have a nice evening,” something that was expected of a gentleman in a more civilized era. The catcallers, and in some cases outright stalkers, were all black or Latino without exception. This didn’t go unnoticed by the social justice brigade that was the target audience for the video.

The video is a “manufactured experience” according to some faggy social justice tumblrite who calls himself “Against Power.”

“To summarize: a straight white dude paid a white woman to walk the streets of New York City in a path dictated by Bliss (Roberts is seen walking behind a cameraman) with the intention of capturing on video black and brown men making comments at her.”

This is problematic because:

“After all, American history is replete with examples of atrocities committed by white folks against black folks purportedly to protect white women. It is an age-old tradition in America to depict black men as sexually threatening towards white women.”

But I suppose I am adding to the racial oppression here by quoting the opinion of a cisheteronormative white man, even if he is “dedicated to the struggle against power, oppression, and imperialism from a radical libertarian perspective,” (lol, gay) instead of showing the opinion of a white-presenting POC. To remedy that here is a tweet from obese negress, twitter feminist and racial profiling victim Roxanne Gay:

But the racial politics of the video are fucked up. Like, she didn’t walk through any white neighborhoods?

— Roxane Gayrten (@rgay) October 29, 2014

I would bet that she did Roxanne.

Rob Bliss, the producer of the video attempted to defuse the situation by claiming in a reddit chat that “We got a fair amount of white guys, but for whatever reason, a lot of what they said was in passing, or off camera.” Sure you did Rob. I believe you. Really.

Of course liberal media outlets like Slate did believe him (or pretended to for the sake of the narrative), and chastised him for selectively editing out the white people, something I am almost positive he didn’t do. In contrast to this racially inconvenient piece of real life footage, Hanna Rosin of Slate prefers the picture painted by Jessica’s Feminized Atmosphere, a scripted comedy sketch performed by white-presenting black girl Jessica Williams for the Daily Show. According to Rosin:

“Jessica Williams of the Daily Show covers the whole range of street harassment, from construction workers (of all races) to security guards to Wall Street ‘douche bags’ to teenagers hanging on the corner. She and a group of women lay down pins on places in New York to avoid and by the end, the entire map is covered.”

The only problem with this narrative is that if you actually watch the sketch (a tall order, I know), there is no live footage of Williams being harassed by any white men at all. She claims that she gets harassed by “white guys” and “Wall Street douche bags” and “creepy old guys playing chess” while showing random clips of various people meeting those descriptions minding their own business, walking down the street, or sitting in the park. In the live footage of herself getting harassed that she does show, her assailants are all Latinos.

The truth of this matter is of course well known to women that walk the streets of New York City, and probably other cities as well. While I’m sure that there are some white guys here or there that will say suggestive things to an attractive woman in the street, the catcalling comes entirely from low status black or Latino men. A bit of this truth was revealed by a commenter in the above mentioned reddit thread, though perhaps inadvertently:

“As a woman who lives in an area of the city full of white collar people, street harassment is no longer something I have to deal with. However, when I used to live in Bushwick (Latino neighborhood), hang out in Bed-Stuy (Latino neighborhood) and work in Harlem (black neighborhood), it was an everyday occurrence.”

The vulgar libertarian response to this video is of course to play the “less racist than thou” game, as exemplified by Austin Petersen in this rather lame Liberty Viral post. According to Petersen the “Uppity, white liberal woman” was revealing her subconscious racism by not appreciating the cultural enrichment offered by these dynamic and high spirited youths.

“Men can be heard saying such terrible things such as “how are you this morning,” and “have a nice evening,” while the uppity, white liberal woman looks at them with hatred and disdain for even deigning to speak to her. After all, the men are clearly out of her social class, and she’s white, so the fact that these men even have the nerve to look at her should be considered harassment… right?”

It’s fairly common knowledge that women consider men of lower status to be creepy when saying things that they would like to hear from higher status men. This is hardly some huge revelation. Only noobish betas like Petersen would consider pointing this out to be a major gotcha. And not all of what was said and done in the video can be dismissed as harmless, friendly compliments either. The negro that follows her for five straight minutes was clearly threatening, as was the Latino that continued to follow and talk to her long after she initially ignored him. So let’s suppose that Petersen is right and she considers herself too good for these men of color. What exactly is wrong with that? Why shouldn’t she feel that way? Here we see vulgar libertarianism resort to cultural relativism and pandering to anti-white sentiments to make its point, which seems to be nothing more than a dig at an “uppity liberal white woman” in an effort to be edgy for its own sake.

Granted this video was done in service of some ill-defined, feminist, rent-seeking agenda and the filmmakers were not intending to draw attention to the obvious racial disparity here, but allow me to don my White Knight cloak for a sec anyway. It is predictable that shit-tier MRAs and MGTOWs will come out of the woodwork to condemn women and take the side of the men in any situation, even if the “men” in this case are low status lumpenproles. There have been videos and commentary by such types falling all over themselves to apologize for the low class behaviors of these diverse youth, claiming that their actions were just friendly and harmless, or framing them as something your typical average Joe may do on any given day. Unlike them, I am actually sympathetic to white women that do not want to receive such attention. I am not willing to lower myself to the status of common street trash for the sake of promoting an inverted politically correct narrative.

One need not take any “side” here at all. Taking the side of the “men” in this scenario means identifying with low status urban blacks and mestizos in order to score rhetorical points against your true target, the “uppity white woman” that you so obviously resent. Rather than getting mad, one can simply laugh at the hysterical contradictions that come with such a blatant clash of progressive narratives and enjoy the fact that they will run up against them again and again when feminists try to push this issue.

As for feminists, if they really want to do something about this problem they need to have the courage to speak honestly about who the perpetrators of this type of harassment actually are. The best solution is to simply not expose themselves to vibrant, culturally enriching neighborhoods in the first place, and in the long run to simply have less such neighborhoods around at all. I won’t hold my breath.

Note: Yes, I know that Shoshana B. Roberts is Jewish and not white, hence the title. But she may as well be white as far as the politics of the various views I am discussing here, and her Jewishness is relevant to the fact that she was involved in SJW activism to begin with, not so much to the racial politics of what actually happened and the various response to it. Thanks.

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