"Douchebag:" A Perfidious Jew



I gotta admit, I’m still chuckling at this one.

”I am white…shout white racial slurs at me!”

Sure you are, Schlomo. I wonder how this totally detached thinker would respond to to a racial slur like “kike” or “himey?”Lol just kidding, I don’t wonder.


So here we have a hebe professor teaching a proggie propaganda course for a couple hundred future baristas and victims of police brutality. As the course is very likely low level and disproportionately filled with minority scholarships, no one questions the absurdity of a man claiming an identity while simultaneously disparaging and encouraging a struggle session over it… In the name of understanding and having a clear and enlightened view of human beings.

Prof. Cohen’s schtick involves portraying an enlightened and dispassionate post-racial ideal to convince the young and dumb goyim to convert to meggings and cuckoldry. It sounds really radical and challenging to the system until you realize the professor is teaching at UC-fucking-Berkley, where buttplugs and mesh shirts are issued to male students the first day of class.

This “educator’s” novel approach at reinforcing dildocracy has afforded him the opportunity to have an article published on Gawker… explaining how “douchebag” should be made a racial slur for white males. Huh.

The article is terrible. Not because of any threatening ideas or insulting commentary, but because it’s quite obvious the author is fucking stupid. His contrived, uninspired writing and lack of nuance actually does more to tear down actual stereotype than anything he argues for in his article; I personally feel enlightened learning that not every liberal Jew has an above-average mind or grasp of leftist narrative.

Even worse, Cohen subscribes to the “socialist intellectual” identity and feels that this silly Gawker douchebag article must be a grand treatise that spares no detail. It’s paragraph after paragraph, several thousand words relating things to easily-consumed media and clumsily referencing better thinkers than himself. All to conclude that “douchebag” will somehow finally succeed in bringing white males down to the level of inferior people so everyone can be happy or something.

Of course this is patently absurd. Calling Mitt Romney a douchebag won’t magically defeat capitalism and make everyone equal. Everyone knows this deep down, even the future baristas, but we have these social spaces where we can pretend otherwise… And ultimately I suppose having shitty websites and worthless liberal arts programs exist as progressive worship services beats having people like Professor Perfidious Cohen actually clog up physical space with his pedestrian ideas about social equality.