Exploring Liberal Context Denial

A black guy just died of Ebola in Dallas. As mentioned in a previous article, this made liberals go absolutely bananas, given that the first guy to get Ebola in America, Dr. Ken Brantly, a white man, survived his ordeal while Thomas Eric Duncan, a black man, did not.
If you listen to the left, the cause is clear: racism.

Thomas Sowell once talked about the liberal inability to think of actors in any given situation as anything other than “abstract people in an abstract world”. It goes far deeper than that, however, with the modern left. They are abstract people in an abstract world where the only thing that isn’t abstract is racism.

Picture the following: featureless, gray humanoids, all assembled in two different groups. Give one, or both, of those groups weapons. Now, do they start to kill each other? No. Not yet, lets not make them do that just yet. First, lets paint one of these groups black.

Did you do it? No, no, don’t give them huge nostrils and stop making them chant “Bix nood mofugga”. That’s insensitive.

No. Stop that shit.
Ok, now that one of the groups identifies as African featureless humanoid, the other group is going to kill them.

This is how the left looked at the Ferguson protests. Before you painted them black? That’s how they pictured the Bundy Ranch protests.

Oh it's black and white, alright. Just not for the reasons the creator of this lovely image believes.
Oh it’s black and white, alright. Just not for the reasons the creator of this lovely image believes.
Never mind that the two incidents took place at completely different times in completely different places for completely different reasons by completely different actors who behaved in entirely different ways. We don’t apply actual situational context to our abstract people in our abstract world. We don’t give our featureless humanoids faces, names, and histories. We don’t give them brains or risk assessment behaviors or heuristics. We don’t make one of them behave in a violent, unpredictable manner and we don’t make one of them burn down a Quiktrip.

We point at one, exactly ONE, of the hundreds of fucking differences between the two situations and scream that THAT is the sole fucking reason the two incidents did not have the EXACT SAME OUTCOME.

This can be applied, of course, to Thomas Eric Duncan’s Ebola case. Featureless black and featureless–but nevertheless privileged–white come down with the same exact illness. The white one survives. It’s, of course, because of his race because that is literally the only differing factor. Never mind that one of them walked around for nearly a week, showing near full-blown symptoms while going completely untreated while the other began treatment the moment symptoms were seen. Never mind that they both have different bodies with different immune systems and different biological processes. Never mind that they both have their own, different organs. Never mind that they were treated at different hospitals in different parts of the country. The ONLY reason Duncan died was because he was black and the white doctors gave him shitty treatment because of his race. This is because all events occur in a vacuum and any variation is entirely because of racism.

Of course, the relation to the Dindu Nuffin and Trayvon cases should be obvious. Black kid shot by white(ish) guy. That’s the only thing you actually need to know about either situation.

Fellow writer Alexander McNabb and I are calling it “Context Denial”, it’s by far one of the most dishonest tactics by the mainstream left, and it gets an inordinate amount of attention. This is, of course, because people are stupid and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

When you point this out to liberals, the reaction is interesting. It mostly consists of completely missing, or deliberately ignoring, the point you’re trying to get across and doubling down on the narrative that it was all racism the whole time. There really isn’t a way to counter this because it’s the argumentative equivalent of bashing your head into a brick wall using the full force of your upper body, and anything you can say, you’ve already said.

This is where the helicopter ride comes into play. It’s useless to go any further.
Have fun with this at home! Watch the news, and count how many times this comes into play. More and more, we see this, as the word “racism” gets pounded into our heads. The question is, when will we as a society see through it? When will “racism” lose the power it has over the mainstream?

Or will it never lose it’s power? Will we be ushered in to a new era of mechanical dildos drilling into our asses forever? It remains to be seen.

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Bob Steinberg is an edgy right winger living in the American Midwest.