A Feminist "Converts" To Islam


Gee, I wonder why?
It never ceases to amaze me to see the lengths women will go to signal status and achieve what they believe to be a higher place in feminism’s trivial pecking order.

The CNN article begins with Mrs. Theresa Corbin’s early life, being totally repulsed by the intellectual barrenness and sexism of Catholicism (lol cool story). The author would spend four years “poking and prodding at world religions and their adherents”(READ: drum circles and exotic boyfriends), before settling for the hijab.

She is vague on specifics, but ultimately converted to Islam two months after 9/11…  For reasons totally unrelated to politics I’m sure.

Corbin then makes a decent attempt at presenting the typical liberal spin of Islam. With Islam you supposedly have a balanced religion of peace and equality that recognizes the Old Testament and even acknowledges Jesus… Though as I mentioned in my last article, Muslim Jesus is about breaking crosses and riding out with the Mahdi to kill the swine. She mentions science and rationality being embraced by Muslim thinkers from the past, and conveniently ignores the backwardness of the Islamic world today and it’s causes. She presents Mohammed as a figure that desired both men and women to acquire knowledge in an egalitarian fashion, which is hilarious considering the typical rights enjoyed by women in Islamic societies today and throughout time.

The rest of the article shows us a brave woman open to new and challenging ideas: she has a totally eye-opening discussion with some Muzzie woman on rights, she has an arranged marriage, and she deals with oppression. Corbin’s conclusion ties in to current events, arguing that ISIS is un-Islamic and Americans need to rise above fear and hate to accommodate the insane fantasies of spoiled girls.

I will agree with the author that it’s unreasonable to blindly hate a religion followed by over a billion people with varying manners of worship. It’s much more reasonable to hate the naive modern narrative’s spin after reading some world history and Islamic scholars. What the media wants to present as “radical” Islam isn’t really that different from the traditional Islam of ages past.

That said, I would argue that it’s completely reasonable to hate Theresa Corbin.

Feminists aren’t people.
Some have tried to argue that what the author is doing here is embracing the “strong horse” of violent goat fuckers over the “weak horse” of modern Western society’s decadence. They forget that feminism is not about utilizing patriarchal concepts like “logic” and “agency.”

Fact of the matter is, this woman did not “convert” to be strong, but weak. She desires the perverse privilege of having no privilege. I would be comfortable wagering that, if the United States were to become an Islamic state overnight, she would have a miraculous conversion almost as quickly. She does not write as a believer in Mohammad, but in progressivism. She’s not a Muslim, she’s a Dhimmi.

This is not about an afterlife, but about getting attention in the present. This is not about faith or culture, but identity politics. Corbin is too busy waxing relativistic and individualistic to notice that religion is concerned with an objective reality and things outside the self. Oopsie.

This brings us to the following hilarious projection:

“It enrages me to know there are some who call themselves Muslims and who distort and misappropriate Islam for political gains.”

Islam for this woman is about rebelling against that which dared to infringe on her super special identity. Here is a person that consciously embraces anything and everything alien and even hostile to the culture she was raised in: first feminism, now Islam. She uses her education and intellect to justify that which has never shown a particular interest in enlightenment ideals. Because history be damned, the only thing that matters to her is herself.

Theresa Corbin reduces a faith tradition to a fashion statement, human history and Western culture to status-signalling.  She reduces reality itself to masturbation… Which is all feminism ever seems to accomplish.