Lesser of Two Evils?



Oh boy.

In the particular passages cited for the left column (Sanhedrin 106b and Gittin 57a), the Talmud isn’t exactly clear on whether Balaam and Jesus are one in the same or different spirits (Mike Enoch and I lean towards the latter). I do recall reading where Miriam (Mary) is depicted as a whore that fathered Christ with the Roman soldier Pantera (lol).

It is obvious that the writers of this work were cut from a different cloth than those who composed the epistles of our Bible. Not even the Old Testament depicts rules for how one can correctly pursue pederasty, and neither does it depict the interactions between a rabbi and farting prostitute. Reading the Talmud, one can understand why earlier generations of Christians were a tad hostile toward these people.

While I haven’t read, or have any interest in ever reading the Quran, I feel confident stating that everything in the right column is utter bullshit.

For one thing, it’s conveniently ignored that when Islamic Jesus returns to Earth, he is prophesied to break the crosses and kill all non-Muslims. I am also reminded how the Quaran’s “holiest woman” was treated by Omar Gharba in Iraq recently. Then again, considering how Muslim woman are treated in general, I suppose Omar’s actions could be counted as reverence.

Jews compose around a fifth of a percent of the world’s population, while over a quarter of humanity bow to that retarded box in Mecca.  This is likely because the sons of Israel reject God’s command to spread the gospel through the world, while the sons of Ishmael have a long and storied history of spreading the teachings of a pedophile and murderer via violent submission.

Jews have a rather complicated history in the West and today are disproportionately represented in popular media and movements associated with the West’s social decline; Islam came very close to destroying the West in the past, and is nibbling at Europe again today.

It goes without saying that both of these books promote values that are utterly alien to Western civilization.  Most notably, both books encourage lying to non-believers and sexual practices that, for now at least, offend our sensibilities.  Probably why those Muslims or Jews that are least offensive to us at TRS tend to lean secular.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Talmud would have unpleasant things to say about Jesus, as Christianity made a direct claim on the Jewish people and their faith (we no longer wait for our Messiah at Passover). Paul of Tarsus was believed to have been the most promising student of Gamaliel, seen as the greatest teacher of the Talmud in Jewish history. Christianity eventually conquered the Roman Empire that had subjugated and at several points pacified the Jewish peoples. Some envy and outright hatred should not be surprising.

While Orthodox Jews are not known for being the nicest, cleanest, or most moral folk, they are not known for beheading non-believers these days, or really ever. The Jewish people at least seem to accept that The Enlightenment was a thing that happened. Jews are capable of creating civilization above that of goat herding and opium growing. While Reform, Reconstruction and especially Humanistic Judaism is essentially Cultural Marxism with a Menorah, there isn’t a Wahhabist Judaism that demands that all objects and people that don’t conform to God/Allah be utterly and violently annihilated.

All things considered, for all their teachings of goyim being inferior animals and damned heathens that worship a lying sorcerer/madman, for all of their perfidy in the past and presently, for their constant involvement in liberalism and all kinds of leftist ideology, the Jewish people are far preferable to a religious culture that cannot seem to advance beyond the Dark Ages.