Ebola is racist

Most people understand that Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is super God-damn serious, even if they’re just hearing about it for the first time. It makes your cells explode and you die quite literally covered in bleeding sores, crying blood and shitting out your own intestines. So people naturally have questions like: Why isn’t there a vaccine like polio or smallpox? Why is there no treatment at all? Why the fuck aren’t we funding research on this?  (Author’s note: you really don’t wanna know about research on this.)

Above all people want to know, who is to blame?

There’s a really long answer to that but to summarize: it’s a really rare and really hard to preserve and really hard to study disease. There is a 40 year history of people working diligently on trying to understand how this disease works and the best they’ve really come up with is “eh, saline?”. There have only been a few outbreaks of this disease that infected more than 100 people since it was first discovered. Hold up both hands. You can count them with fingers left over. There were only 3 major outbreaks between its discovery and the year 2000, when rapidly lowering costs for genetic sequencing allowed us to accurately and rapidly recognize the disease and start developing antibody hosts (thanks, Monsanto) and work with model organisms to find modes of attacking it. Outside of a host, the virus must be kept in cryonic storage, or it decomposes. The facilities to store live and active samples are extremely complex and rare. When it has happened, virtually all have happened in far-flung parts of Africa very far from Polymerase Chain Reactors and DNA phenology databases. There is a critical shortage of biolabs with BSL-4 facilities in the mountains of Equatorial Guinea, obviously.

Most people are taking all this news pretty well without panicking. They reasonably figure that with the attention it’s received then if it’s within our technological power to solve, we will. If not, we’ll figure out how as best we can. Probably pretty quickly. Then again, most people aren’t looking for an excuse–any excuse–to deconstruct race and thus do not see thousands of people shitting blood and falling over dead as a perfect time to drive the hammer of White Guilt upon the nail of the only people on the planet likely to be capable of actually curing this in the near future.

I think most of the readership is familiar with the mentality of the other these types of people–that ever since the Singularity (ie, AOL’s “unlimited” service went live and the lumpenet was born), human technology is basically Star Trek for the rich and the only reason that “nothing” is being done by rich bougie whites to save the wildlife is because of racism. Elysium was a preview for a 2030 documentary. Zeitgeist, bro!


Bones, there are Africans dying of Ebola, why don’t you have a vaccine yet?
Damnit, Jim I’m a Doctor, not a veterinarian

There are dumber theories out there. If you ask Farrakhan, this happened because white people want to eradicate blacks and Danger Ranger over at NaturalNews thinks it’s a bio-engineered depopulation weapon. Despite the fact that the native tsetse fly transmits a sleeping sickness that kills way, way more people than Ebola and AIDS kills more people than Ebola has in 40 years every single fucking day. But we can’t let the complexities of a very poorly understood disease get in the way of The Narrative. The fact that you can very easily not get Ebola by avoiding contact with African wildlife and nobody in America ever got Ebola from a white English guy means Ebola is a form of racism, therefore social medicine spending. The real crisis here, comrade, is that the World Health Organization doesn’t get as much money from America as the American Center for Disease Control does.

Naturally, if you were to ask Huffington Post why the two American missionaries who contracted Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Virus two months ago were given the only doses of the experimental but now highly publicized antiviral drug “ZMapp” is because- drumroll please- they are white. They live in a white system, they practice white habits (religious colonialism- ugh), they have connections to white institutions, you name it. Not because America has a long-standing and paranoid relationship with pandemics since the Spanish Flu and will try almost anything they think will scientifically help while Africans will chase you off as a witch doctor and destroy the only two samples of the $50,000-a-dose drug if they don’t just violently murder you.

This is to say nothing of the medical ethics of giving human beings drugs that have never been tested on humans at any dosage and may also have a 60/40 chance of making you drop dead or make the ebola worse. Double Ebola. Which, if I need remind you goyim, is exactly the kind of thing the Nazis and racist Army doctors did. As to why there’s only two and no more sitting in a warehouse? That’s a hurdle that’s not white and certainly can’t arise from whiteness either. Logistics.


It’s not like companies start mass producing a million doses of their
experimental drug just because it worked on 10/12 monkeys.

Which goes back to what I was saying earlier. You don’t synthesize this in a lab. You don’t throw eye of newt in a cauldron and say the words. It comes from a specially grown GMO rat (a combination of 3 unique strains are required), gets injected via a customized GMO retrovirus into a specially made GMO plant that’s grown in a highly controlled environment and gets processed out of the plant by extremely specifically trained phytochemists in a laborious process that requires critical control of many, many factors. It takes months to go from 1 dose to a dozen doses. Even with all the funding in the world, plants only grow so fast.

Taking proprietary monocolonal antibodies from a few rats and tobacco plants in 2 research laboratories to full industrial production doesn’t happen overnight. There are processes to refine. Host plants to be cloned. Facilities to be constructed or modified. Even if they had planned on going to full production the second it worked in its very first test ever you don’t just pop this shit out of an EZ-Gene Oven you got the plans for on Thingiverse.


Thanks to 3D printing, we can make anything, instantly,
without the need for “white constructs” like logistics

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