Celebrating Diversity: Ray Rice Edition

Celebrating-DiversityThere has been a recent barrage of talk radio and print media commentary regarding the Ray Rice incident and domestic violence in general. It is almost as if the commentators and general public have recently discovered the concept of domestic violence. This is nothing new. This would be a non-issue if it had not been for the video of Mr. Rice assaulting his fiancé. Some other NFL player got busted for whooping his son with a switch. They will probably root out a few other perpetrators of these “heinous” crimes.

An interesting thing to note is that domestic violence takes place every day and in all areas of the world. It is almost comical that a group of “professional” athletes are expected to rise above this shitty facet of reality. The NFL is the first structured environment many of these men have ever been a part of. Many of them have upbringings conducive to violence and/or are naturally inclined to it based on race (see Monoamine Oxidase A). These athletes are held to standards they cannot be reasonably expected to achieve.

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Worse yet is our obsession with praising and shaming them. When they conform to our standards of performance, they are worshiped as gods and role models. When they fall short of expectations, they are regarded as dirt. Here is a non-exhaustive list of disgraced celebrity athletes:

  • Lance Armstrong (doping)
  • Tiger Woods (adultery)
  • Richie Incognito (saying mean words)
  • Riley Cooper (saying mean words/”racism”)
  • Alex Rodriguez (doping)
  • Plaxico Burres (accidentally shooting himself in leg at club/being a dumbass)
  • Jeremy Mayfield (drugs)

None of these offenses are crimes against humanity. The general population engages in them as well. Sports serve as an easy to understand medium for the unwashed masses of society to have a chance at solidarity. This is why the average conversation in the US doesn’t take place over anything of importance or consequence. Foreign policy, economics, and social issues are difficult to understand for 90-110 IQ individuals. A muscle man running with a piece of leather across a goal line while avoiding other muscle men is very easy to understand by comparison. Unfortunately that 90-110 IQ group accounts for 50% of the population, with the bottom 25% having IQs less than 90 and therefore being irrelevant.

The remaining 25% can choose to engage in sports viewership in order to feel included (most do). This is arguably the best course of action, as one will be accepted by their peers. However, a society lacking education and nationalism is no society at all. Sports games are just that, games. There will come a time when Westerners can no longer afford to bury their heads in the sand, fixated on who can do what with which sorts of balls the best. I increasingly look forward to that time with each passing day.

Wife beating has always been a thing. The difference is in that better times a faith-based vigilante group comprised of your contemporaries would show up to your house and beat your ass to within an inch of your life for doing so. If you did it again you’d get swung from a tree. Modern American society does not have the emotional maturity to deal with these issues in a direct and effective manner (much like how our neutered military cannot go destroy enemies of the US for political reasons). This is why we slap offenders on the wrist or simply put them in jail for a few months. I wonder how well this neutered system of justice will fare when a pissed off Muslim from Cambodia tosses acid on a pretty white girl’s face for not wearing a veil?