Walter E. Williams Commits Political Suicide

Recently a kind old conservative Uncle Tom commenter gone slightly soft in the head made the outrageous observation that while politically speaking, it is acceptable to charge higher health insurance rates to smokers and the obese, one cannot apply that logic to homosexuals. What’s really amazing is that in this world of Tumblr, The Huffington Post, and the Daily Show, an “intellectual” like Williams would have the temerity to speak a single word in such a charged atmosphere without first considering the sorts of irrational witch-hunting guaranteed to result from his naïve comments. Apparently poor ol’ Walter still thinks he lives in a universe where gaggles of rabid Social Justice Warriors aren’t salivating for the slightest opportunity to miss-interpret something and howl triumphantly at the bigotry they’ve uncovered, moments before an entire pack of them descends on the hapless victim. This is what they fucking live for, these people validate much of their existence via pious secular witch-hunting, and the examples of this being played out recently in the mainstream are just too blatant to ignore.

Another clueless black victim
Another clueless fuddy-duddy
So the rest of us remain unfazed and entirely unsurprised by liberal progressives taking William’s little observation about political correctness over-riding risk assessment on insurance polices and turning this into a full blown rally to arms ending with a call for Walter’s resignation. Naturally his point was barely even addressed because when blood is in the water sharks don’t experience hesitation. Most of the media reaction to this involved a bit of cursory hand-waving at the study itself being “old,” before immediately settling into eviscerating Williams and reading all sorts of conclusions into his simple query about political correctness. Most hilariously, the subject turned to the question of whether it might be that evil bigoted conservatives like Williams himself were in fact reducing the life expectancy of homosexuals by oppressing them with cis-hetero anti-gay communities. That’s right, not approving of or supporting gays gives them fucking heart-attacks. So we’ve come full circle, it isn’t that gays experience less life expectancy because of their statistically high rate of STDs, rather, evil bigoted conservatives like the aforementioned college professor give the poor bastards a fatal case of stress.

Moreover, this is yet another public example of a black man being run over by the rainbow train, a phenomena we are all very familiar with by now. If you’ve got stock invested in the poor oppressed black man, it’s time to pull that out and re-invest in gays or trannies post haste, because darkie has taken a seat all the way at the back of this bus. You know things are bad when college students are calling for a black professor to resign from a Southern college, because apparently nothing says “progress” quite like ousting an African American simply for asking a politically incorrect question that offended white SWPLs everywhere. Good job, social justice warriors, perhaps next year you can call for an end to African immigration since so many African societies are quite anti-gay.

In summary, Williams made what he thought was a clever observation about political correctness and was immediately dogpiled by zealots protecting their politically correct narrative. The moral of the story is, never insult someone’s religion.