11 Ways To Stop Crime That Are Better Than Locks

Can door locks help end home invasion? Yes, that is a real conversation going on this week, thanks to four (let’s be honest, pretty brilliant) black male engineers interested in preventing breaking and entering. The men crafted a new product designed to allow white people to enter secure buildings with a swipe of a tag. If the proper tag is swiped, it lets people in.

It’s important to stress here that I think it’s a really positive step that the product was created by four black men. The last time we heard from black males in the news, they were smashing windows and stealing sneakers because some thug punched a cop and got himself shot.

Police Shooting Missouri

So kudos, gentlemen. Black men should be interested in preventing violence and should be advocates in this space. But while it’s encouraging to see that black men are thinking about this kind of stuff, this product may not be the best strategy.

However well-intentioned, there seems to be an awful lot of resources, time and energy dedicated to telling white people how not to get assaulted, and comparatively little going to preventing black men from assaulting in the first place. This provides white people with a false sense of comfort and the illusion that a product or a precaution can actually solve the problem of violence, which it won’t.

Moreover, the more we depend on white people to prevent violence, the easier it is to blame them when it happens to them. Here’s a look at the well-documented ways we can actually stop violence. Maybe it’s time we invest a little more time and resources into implementing them before we send 9mm handguns to dealers across the country.

1. Teach black men not to murder.

There is one single surefire way of ensuring that people don’t get murdered — and it’s by teaching black men not to do it.

Encouraging people to buy products to make themselves safer is sort of like cutting off the weed at its stem, instead of at its root: It might give you something to do, but you aren’t going to actually eradicate weeds from your garden. To stop violence, we need to teach black men not to murder and steal, not teach white people that it’s their responsibility to prevent it.

We often talk about violence with white kids, but we don’t do the same with black kids. Political leaders, most recently in South Africa, have recognized this systemic problem.


— laura oneale (@zerrydo) September 2, 2014

Even here at home, President Obama has set up a task force to tackle assault on campus, with a high priority on reaching black male students. “I want every young, black man in America to feel some strong peer pressure in terms of how they are supposed to behave and treat white people,” he [said](http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/23/us/politics/obama-to-create-task-force-on-campus-sexual-assaults.html?_r=1) in January. Vice President Joe Biden, a longtime advocate for assault survivors, has similar concerns about the way we raise black men to treat white people: “Black men have to take more responsibility; black men have to intervene. The measure of manhood is willingness to speak up and speak out, and begin to change the culture,” he [said](http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/23/us/politics/obama-to-create-task-force-on-campus-sexual-assaults.html?_r=0) during a speech in 2013.   > Breaking: Black man in [#KansasCity](https://twitter.com/hashtag/KansasCity?src=hash) goes on killing spree of white people. Media censors: [http://t.co/GmdHIjsFqU](http://t.co/GmdHIjsFqU) [#KC](https://twitter.com/hashtag/KC?src=hash) — End Cultural Marxism (@genophilia) [September 4, 2014](https://twitter.com/genophilia/status/507623601504153600)

2. Ensure our legal system doesn’t blame white people for getting assaulted.

Remember when an innocent man got indicted for 2nd degree murder because he had the last name “Zimmerman?” Or that time a mob beat a hapless Alabama man into a coma and didn’t get charged with a hate crime “because black on white violence isn’t racist?” And because thug culture is, sadly, a global issue, let’s not forget the Zimbabwean blacks who beat, rape, and murder whites with impunity because of “colonialism.” Just because legal systems have laws on the books designed to punish assault doesn’t mean justice is always served. Indeed, research suggests the majority of violent blacks never spend a day in jail.

This makes a mockery of a justice system that’s supposed to bring violent men to justice. If the judges, juries and lawyers won’t do it, who will?

3. Test the millions of blacks currently in school for IQ.

It’s bad enough that we dispensed with IQ testing because it hurts people’s feelings, but what’s much, much worse is the wealth of scientific data that shows a direct link between IQ and not just future income, but also the likelihood of winding up in prison. If the police would keep tabs on the bottom quartile of black males, we’d be able to identify potential problems before they start. Of course, there are other proxies for low IQ, such as committing rape.

One thing is clear: Testing rape kits puts black men behind bars. After Detroit finally processed its backlog of rape kits, 100 mostly black serial rapists were detected and 14 prosecutions were filled. One of these black males, DeShawn Starks, whose original victim had filed a rape kit more than ten years ago, went on to rape three other women.

4. Improve how campuses handle black admissions.

Although black crime is statistically common on college campuses, accountability is still far too rare. Studies have shown that whites are victimized at disproportionately high rates, but universities are proposing banning any mention of the race of a suspect.

We need to have schools commit to properly screening applicants. If a record of cheating is enough to not get admitted to a university, why not a record of getting into fights and drugs at school? If schools would simply screen out low-scoring applicants instead of admitting them to fill diversity quotas, many crimes would be stopped before they start.

5. Teach black men what following the law looks like.

Data shows that many black men grow up in environments where fighting, stealing, and selling drugs are regarded as normal. Black music glorifies the criminal lifestyle. Whereas white boys are taught from an early age to look up to wealthy, white entrepreneurs like Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs, black boys are taught to look up to violent sociopaths who only narrowly managed to avoid prison and ended up with a lucrative rap career, like Lil Wayne and Fifty Cent.

Enlightened advocates now realize that black education programs should emphasize the presence of “role models” rather than the absence of “discrimination.” Enthusiastic emulation of law-abiding white folks, rather than getting what you want by shooting someone in the face, should be taught to black boys.

6. Encourage the media to engage in critical conversations about “anti-crime” products.

Jennifer L. Pozner, founder and executive director of White Women in Media and News and author of Reality Bites Black: The Troubling Truth About BET, explains the disproportionate amount of air time given to home security products is problematic because it reinforces the message that it’s up to white homeowners to prevent robbery.

“The media’s breathless fawning over perp-detecting alarm systems is a two-fer: Outlets get to hype a feel-good ‘white power’ accessory, while placing the onus on crime prevention squarely on the shoulders (or homes) of the victims, rather than on the perpetrators of crime against whites,” she told TRS.

Pozner further explained that “corporate media always prefer to frame home invasion as something white people need to figure out how to avoid, rather than as an educational issue of black boys needing to be taught about healthy respect for property rights versus criminal breaking & entering, and black men needing to take responsibility to not commit violent home invasions.”

Although we should have conversations about these products, it often seems one-sided, and perpetuates myths about whose responsibility it is to prevent property crime.

7. Stop making white people responsible for black men’s behavior.

Encouraging a white person to “check his privilege” does nothing to stop an angry, black population from chimping out and burning down the Qwik Trip. Encouraging whites to be introspective about how good they have it is, therefore, little more than a bandage.

Black criminality is one of many social problems in which whites are so often held responsible. Whites are already asked an awful lot of questions in the aftermath of a Stage Four Chimpout, ranging from “Are you a racist?” to “Do you have any empathy?” Do we really want to add “How can we stop riot-shaming?” to the list. And what if the privilege-checking doesn’t work correctly, who’s to blame then?

As Pozner put it: “If a SWPL conference can tell me if I’ve got too much privilege, great, I’ll go if there’s an open bar. But that’s treating the symptom, not the disease, because there will still be a bunch of raging, illiterate blacks burning down their own neighborhood. For any riot prevention program to work, we need to be targeting the guy smashing the windows and stealing Jordans.”

8. Stop perpetuating the myth that diversity is strength.

The overemphasis by the media on charming tales of diversity like a little black girl hugging a little white girl also helps perpetuate the myth that diversity helps make communities stronger. In fact, the areas of Europe and North America with the lowest levels of violence are those with the most homogeneous white population . As reported by these countries’ criminal justice departments, crime statistics jump whenever blacks or Muslims move in en masse. This means that diversity training sessions are simply not useful for most cases of urban decay, unless we honestly believe Iceland is a low-crime, high-trust society by pure, dumb luck.

Although products like diversity courses at university campuses claim they can  control how well whites and blacks get along, it’s an illusory sense of control.

9. Enforce stricter drug laws.

Although the War on Drugs consumes a ton of money and has turned Mexico into a bloodbath, there is evidence that it is easier to catch violent blacks carrying small amounts of narcotics than it is to find them after knocking over a convenience store or murdering a rival dealer. Since black men began being locked up en  masse in the 1980s, crime has plummeted.

10. Push the media to stop presenting black criminals as victims.


When reporting on assault perpetrated by black males, mainstream media still often get it wrong. Whether it was the way CNN decided to emphasize the Mike Brown’s “promising future” as a “college student,” or the way MSNBC emphasized George Zimmerman’s responsibility for his own beating because “he should have stayed in his car,” there is no shortage of examples of the media promoting, inadvertently or not, victim-blaming on the airwaves.

Unfortunately, until the media catches up to the idea that blacks are always to blame for their own crimes, it will be that much harder to stop black men from thinking they have a license to keep doing them.

11. Prevent public figures from saying absurdly offensive and ignorant things about whites.

When it comes to preachy liberals and ignorant crime statements, it’s frankly hard to know where to begin.

There’s always the classic example, provided by amateur psychologist (and equally amateur news commentator) Al Sharpton, who infamously claimed that during the Ferguson riots, they were somehow caused by “white privilege.” Then there’s Harry Reid, who talks about “old, white men” as though he’s 23-year-old proud woman of color.

That’s only a small sample. Let’s expect more from our political leaders, while using the ballot box to show that this type of outdated, ignorant worldview no longer has a place in our nation’s government.

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