Whither Skyrim?

larpThe past several weeks have seen harsh debate and a sharp divide among our inner circle.  The issue? Secession.  In particular,  whether or not the United States as a nation is something worth maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some: the blog’s generally positive attitude regarding the United States is a minority view in our circle.

Dissent with the current trajectory has been bubbling for months: neologisms like “larping” and “Skyrimist” have not helped matters.  Podcast 2 finally led to emotions boiling over.  The result hasn’t been pretty.

Discussions very quickly degenerated, criticisms became personal in nature.  A lot of harsh words were said;  I certainly spoke my fair share.  Several long time members (including the fellow who personally brought me into TRS) have gone so far as to actually sever ties.  I expect things to remain tense for a while.

I don’t expect a blog post to magically mend fences.  That said, I do feel this topic deserves a more even-keeled appraisal than what has been offered on the blog so far.  So in contrast I will begin by presenting four allowances on the issue.  The Secession Concessions, so to speak.

*1: We all larp to an extent.  *

It’s inevitable in political discourse that people will indulge in fantasy, will wax idealistic to an extent.  Man is not a calculator, and one should be wary of those who attempt to play Vulcan on social issues.

While there is a lot to be said about taking any sort of speculative position too seriously, we have to ultimately admit that everyone indulges in such speculation.

2: Co-opting a party is just as far-fetched as Skyrim

A generous estimate is that the edgisphere is somewhere in the ballpark of a few tens of thousands.  That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the libertarians and even the Greens.  It’s likely that a seceded state would at best offer minority representation for Nrx positions.

That said, in a democratic society of over 300 million, supporting the nation today requires accepting that your particular ideals will very likely not be represented.  At all.  In fact, the notion of enacting a drastic political shift or having any visible impact on the Republican or Democrat party is in many respects even less plausible than Skyrim.

3: The current social trajectory sucks

Even if you view the Union as a net benefit, even if you don’t want to indulge in the doomporn, it would be dishonest to try and write off the current trajectory of the country.  Immigration, economics, foreign policy, the government earns failing grades across the board.

Whether or not you feel directly impacted by these things (and many don’t), it would be stupid to believe we can remain insulated from these growing issues forever.  Feigning apathy or excessive optimism is just as silly as the melodrama people in the alt-right indulge in.

4: Secession is neither alien or impossible

The United States itself being a country born from revolution, secession is certainly not an alien concept to the culture.  In fact one could call very well argue the notion as being traditional.

Though the notion of breaking away from the nation is at the moment impractical, it would be silly to believe that things will always be this way.

Larping ain’t so bad.
Allowances stated, the following criticisms still stand:

Beyond a shared desire for a vague sense of betterness, what culture unites your new state? The First-World superpower status will, at least initially, not be present in this new state: what will fill the psycho-spiritual void that was once filled with materialism?

Will you restore the old American values, or will you embrace the virtues of your ancestors? You know, the ancestors who abandoned their homeland and history to start anew in the land you’re wanting to abandon now in the name of tradition?

Will your particular ideals appeal to all people in this new area? I’ve seen answers across the board in the secessionist milieu, from theocracy to paganism to some Ragnar Redbeardian manliness thing.  You’re going to have to work together to forge a cohesive narrative and mythology at some point.

Which brings me to a major point of contention: few Skyrimists seem to ever consider the notion of compromise.  To try and argue that elements of the United States are not so bad and actually quite good is anathema to some.  Same goes for capitalism or any particular bugaboo the secessionist or anti-unionist believes is at fault for all things wrong in the world.  If you disagree you are part of the problem itself, which is argumentation ethics and a means to not challenge your narrative.  Which is childish.

Another major point of contention is the leftist creep I have noted among the more stringent Skyrimists.  I have seen these anti-American types post Soviet Union propaganda as a totally serious representation of their ideal.  I guess posters of the *Soviet-stronk *proletarian totally excuses the privations and unparalleled social destruction that country experienced.  I know of a “right-wing” secessionist who draws welfare and dicks around on social media all day because it “starves the beast.”  I’m totally sure he possesses the skills to be a vital resource in a seceded society.  I’ve seen Skyrimists condemn capitalism because businesses have left the area and people deserve work more than business-owners deserve their fucking business.   I have seen the pagan secessionists condemn Christianity with vitriol I’ve only ever seen from atheistkult liberals.  I have seen “omni-separatists” wield Cultural Marxist critique against American symbolism and mythology with a finesse that would impress Howard Zinn or Slavoj Zizek.  There is also the weird  sexual deviant overtones you will find in Radix, Counter-Currents and several other alt-right blogs.

Far from escaping the dildos of the left, I see the beginnings of a new, more poisonous progressivism being cultivated among several in the Neoreactionary milieu.  With the social justice narrative finally beginning to lose steam, I am curious to see how many will begin to take notice of this “traditional” right-socialist ideology.

In conclusion, secession is not impossible and neither is it wrong to see Skyrim as a possible solution to the trajectory of the West.  We all indulge in fantastical ideals, and any ideal can be taken to larping extremes.  Secession certainly seems more attractive than Unionism when it comes to having an immediate impact on things.  With that said, I urge those who choose to embrace Skyrim to be careful.  Like many fringe ideologies, secessionism/post-Americanism has potential to paralyze or pervert your thinking and actions.  Deal with criticism, even those critiques that seem unfair.  It may help your thinking in the long-run.

I continue to maintain my current support of the Union as it stands today over any secessionist position.  I would reconsider my position depending on the relative strength of the latter and weakness of the former.  That said, Skyrim better have some stars and eagles and capitalism and Christianity.