The Militarization of the Puhleeeeze

Newsflash: There is no Police State in America. “Human rights” are not being violated in #Ferguson.

What started as a bunch of local blacks rioting and looting has largely petered out. The “protests” have become more organized and politicized as various factions of anarchists, communists, radicals and SJWs of all stripes have opportunistically descended on the community to promote their own agendas. Looking at the footage of the riots in the last couple of days there have been a lot more white and white-presenting faces showing up. These middle-class political tourists are no doubt hoping to use the situation as a spark to ignite whichever kind of “glorious revolution” their particular ideology predicts will finally put an end to whatever social ill they project their personal problems and failings onto.

LOL. Gay.
We can expect that all these “activist journalists” will write long-winded articles filled with turgid Marxist rhetoric about their authentic experiences among the colored folk once they get back to their affluent suburban homes and submit them to infoshop. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of these privileged white kids to get the local blacks to read Murray Bookchin and Peter Kropotkin, see the true light of anarchism and spontaneously form themselves into autonomous democractic collectives, there will be no revolution in Ferguson, Missouri.

Protip: You need actual working class people to have a working class revolt comrades!

The best these bellyachers can hope for is to be the one who can bitch the loudest and get the most retweets. Reading the feed from #Ferguson makes me want the cops to just go weapons free on all of these crybabies.

Some white faces appear.
The continuous hemming and hawing over the “militarization of the police” seems ridiculous given actual events on the ground. Yes we see large and scary looking Armored Personnel Carriers. Yes we see men in body armor with helmets and shields and black rifles. But what is the upshot of all this militarization? How many people have been shot? How many have been beaten? How many have even been wounded? There have been no reports. On Sunday night, which was reported as a night of intense clashes, there were seven people arrested. There have been scattered reports of shots fired, but never by Police themselves. That’s a remarkably low number of incidents. Given the demographics of the town, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were less than the number of arrests on an average night in Ferguson with no riots.

So what is actually happening? The Police are firing tear gas to disperse crowds. That’s it. They are not charging in to confront the troublemakers with billy clubs and German Shepherds the way riot cops did back in the day. They are trying to use their physical presence and tear gas to disperse large, angry mobs without actually using direct force. The political and legal risk of actually engaging these lawbreakers has become too much. They are essentially treating a bunch of trespassers and malcontents with kid gloves out of fear of lawsuits. Despite all their gear, they have taken a hands off approach. They haven’t even been using the firehoses, no doubt out of fear of ruining someone’s recently acquired hair extensions or Air Jordans. If the state really were as oppressive as these grumblers and moaners constantly say it is, they would be dead.

The good ol’ days.
Much like the insufferably whiny “activist journalists” on twitter, I can’t believe this is happening in America. The “militarization” of these cops is a sign of their weakness, not their strength. They hope that an intimidating appearance and physical presence will be effective in containing or discouraging the crowd so they do not have to actively use violence and risk the political ramifications of that. Some Police State. Bull Connor wouldn’t be having this shit.

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