Ferguson And The Police State

Source: LA Times

policestateToday we read that Michael Brown may have been involved in a strongarm robbery prior to his fatal shooting. Officer Darren Wilson was taken to a hospital for injuries sustained during the altercation, suggesting this wasn’t an act of racist, vigilante execution.

However, it seems the initial violence has already burned out, despite new information and a new black sheriff in town (lol Blazing Saddles).  Looting and violence is now being reported as protests and twitter posts.  This behavior is better for the narrative, it speaks to our more enlightened SWPL sensibilities.

Justice isn’t as important as narrative, which shouldn’t surprise anyone here.  Michael Enoch and Alexander McNabb have already shown you, dear reader, one facet of a people disinterested in such things.  Allow me to show you another.

Even if Michael Brown was killed in self-defense or in the heat of a physical altercation, why did it take so long for the police to come out with this information? I mean, I know the entire precinct was likely responding to robberies and assaults this week, but somebody should have been focusing on proving Brown’s innocence or guilt.  I mean, we know for a fact that these rioters, progressives and welfare-recipients are perfectly rational actors, and that this information would have prevented this chaos.  And what is this I’m hearing about two members of the media being detained? Look at their tactical gear and military equipment! This tells me that the police are not interested in freedom or transparency, that this is another nail in the coffin of our liberties as we goose-step down the road to the police state.

Even with the robbery surveillance footage released, it does not show a person perfectly-resembling Michael Brown.  People don’t always perfectly resemble their photos.  This sort of openness and transparency that we ostensibly demand doesn’t seem to clarify or settle the issue, here.

oppressAs far as reporters being detained, even according to Wesley Lowery’s Washington Post report the media were allowed to be present, there were no cattle cars and outright coercion.  Wesley even mentions that an officer objects to being recorded, but didn’t press the issue.  Wesley “dropped his bag” and was detained, which may be all to the story, but maybe not.  Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly was also arrested, and the Huffpo article reads like someone who needed his ass kicked a long time ago.  Fact is, Al-Jazeera America and numerous other outlets were, still are reporting from Ferguson.  While the American media is not known for being very objective or positive about policing or racial politics in the country, and while Lowery and Wesley are probably two cases of overreaction in a heated environment, there is no media blackout.

Why all the military equipment and tactical gear? Well, it’s what you get when your population desires contradictory things.  We are ashamed and wish this sort of marginalized behavior to not exist.  We also don’t want such barbarism to spread to our comfortable neighborhoods.  We wish to be insulated from violence so we can argue that violence only exists because of oppression and whatnot.  We also want to believe that strict rules of engagement pertaining to the use of force are conducive to police and military doing their jobs and our liberties…  Yet I can’t think of a recent military engagement ending in actual victory, neither do I see civil unrest and violence on the decline.  But I guess this is fine because Bundy ranch or something.

Do you see a problem, here? I think people should watch the watchers.  I think police can be corrupt.  I think racism is a thing that exists.  I think there should be standards.  That said, how can anything be accomplished in Ferguson with this mindset? I don’t see how it’s possible.  I don’t see how you find an answer, or any answer with this worldview.

And I think that’s the point.