The Negronomics of Race Riots

In which vibrant, urban scholar DeAndre Smith explains the nuanced political and social theory behind the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. It may seem to the casually oppressive cishet white male observer that this is nothing more than pointless self-destruction. But no. You are just interpreting the situation through the distorted lens of your white cultural narrative and social privilege. Allow DeAndre to explain how this really works:

“This is exactly what’s supposed to happen when an injustice is happening in your community… This is how they receive money: businesses and taxes, police stopping people and giving them tickets, taking them to court, locking them up — this is how they make money in St. Louis. Everything is all about money in St. Louis. So when you stop their flow of income… They have things organized in a certain way. Secret society shit… “We’re gonna eat, you’re gonna starve”, gentrification — put you in a certain neighborhood by yourself and see if you can starve… It’s not going to happen, not in St. Louis.”

You heard that right. It’s not that a group of high time-preference negros have become agitated and are destroying their own neighborhood in a pathetic, futile and counterproductive display of masochistic barbarism. No, they are striking at the heart of the system that is oppressing them. The smoldering Quick-Trip market in the background was really run by the Illuminati you see. And they were in league with the Police in a dastardly scheme to trap negros in their neighborhoods, starve them and thus rake in massive profits. Or something. It makes perfect sense. This is how evil corporations make money after all. In fact pretty much all the wealth in the hands of white people in America was generated simply by oppressing blacks in this way.

Now as much fun as it may be to watch a feral negro try to puzzle his way through an economic and political justification for looting and rioting, it is even more hilarious when socially conscious white liberals get in on the act. It is par for the course for progressive whites to excuse this sort of thing and cry crocodile tears for the plight of the urban negro rather than holding them responsible for their own behavior. Racist cops, poverty, lack of education funding, the prison industrial complex, the war on drugs… blah bah blah. We’ve heard it all a million times. But there is a particular kind of irritating, over-educated, effete, pseudo-intellectual SWPL faggot that will try to project some kind of revolutionary Marxist narrative onto the scene. Case in point:


That’s right. It’s not just mindless savagery, it is an organized and class-conscious effort to jam the system. Really. He’s not just projecting white agency, motivations and his own perverse fantasies onto a group of negros recklessly chimping out. Not in the least.

Now you may be tempted to ask our friend here, “Even if these urban negros were doing this in an organized and self conscious effort to secure justice, isn’t burning and looting the businesses in their own neighborhood myopic and self destructive? Won’t those businesses just up and leave, taking jobs and goods with them never to return?” Don’t be silly.



Ah, OK. I see. So trashing the property of the very people that bring commerce and employment to your area is really a way to liberate yourself, rather than trap yourself in a shitpile for life with no options. Got it. So what should the next step be?


Would you agree that they should be getting more aggressive with the Police themselves as well?


Seems like a good plan. What would you say to detractors that may claim that this isn’t political activism at all, but just stealing and vandalism that accomplishes nothing and will only make the circumstances for these people far worse?



This narrative is not only a total inversion of traditional moral values, it is a willful flouting of common sense and decency. You have to really try hard to see things this way. To think that these blacks have the agency and organizational skills to actually create any sort of effective “resistance” and then to pretend to take seriously the disjointed ramblings and conspiracy theories of a vibrant, urban individual as if they were thought-out socio-economic theory is just pure narcissism.

To quote my friend Ghoul “I’ve never seen anyone worship their own asshole so aggressively.”

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