American Diversity and the Mexican Majority

Today’s article inspiration was brought to us by tumblr (shocking, I know). But, rather than being a response to your typical SJW feminist gender-fluid other-kin, this is merely a map, showing the country of origin of the most prominent immigrant group for each state. Notice something?

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Leftists love to tout the benefits of diversity and berate the inherent racism of racial homogeneity (unless we’re talking about non-whites) as was seen in early 20th century America, but here we have an example of diminishing diversity. We took all the various immigrant groups from across Europe, and replaced them with just Mexicans, legal or otherwise (hey, as long as they’re a visible minority, right?). As much as I’d rather not take a line from the “Muh 1488!” types, it certainly seems like multiculturalism does indeed mean anti-white.

Europe is already teeming with diverse cultures varying in religion, language, customs, even phenotypes, so on and so forth. To replace them with one group of people from one largely mono-ethnic country does nothing to increase diversity, but it sure as hell increases the number of non-whites. If the goal of multiculturalism is to even out racial demographics, even at the cost of skewing already highly diverse ethnic demographics, giving one group a definitive majority, then the goal clearly isn’t diversity.

What do you leftists who deny race as a biological reality have to say to this? Is this diversity? If race is irrelevant, then clearly what’s going on in the US is as anti-diversity as you can get. Within most of our lifetimes, we will see whites become a minority group in the US:

“By 2060, whites should drop to 43 per cent of the U.S. At that time, blacks will make up 14.7 per cent, up slightly from today. Hispanics, currently 17 per cent of the population, will more than double in absolute number, making up 31 per cent, or nearly 1 in 3 residents. Asians are expected to increase from 5 per cent of the population to 8 per cent. The point when minority children become the majority is expected to arrive much sooner – 2019.”

“But wait!” you say. “The US may have been really diverse back in 1910, but now all these different groups of europeans have mixed together to form one largely uniform culture, and therefore we are no longer multicultural!” Nonsense. A simple tour of the US would reveal that there are several distinct sub-cultures in the US. Hell, there’s 26 distinct dialects of English used in the US for Christ’s sake. Be sure to take note of just how much overlap this map has with the 1910 map above.

america dialects
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But even if the ethnic groups of the US are too well mixed for your anti-discriminating palate, is that not the point of multiculturalism? To bring several cultures together into one seamless super-culture? Surely the end goal of multiculturalism isn’t to merely bring several different cultures together only to have keep to themselves. That’s not multiculturalism, that’s simply a shrunken down version of global demographics with open-borders thrown in. You want interaction and exchange, not alienation and domination.

Unfortunately, alienation and domination is all you get when you take an already diverse country and flood it with one kind of people. Be honest with yourselves, leftists. Do you really want diversity? Do you really want multiculturalism? Or do you just want less white people? If saying “Mexican immigration hurts American diversity” offends you, then you already have your answer.