Smiling White Racists Invent Hateapp

Recently ValleyWag exposed a pair of dastardly white racists who invented a GPS based application designed to highlight and cross compare local stores supplying matches, gasoline, 2x4s, and sturdy rope while simultaneously plotting efficient routes to the closest black churches in the area. Also included is free uploading to of any successful lynching or boot-party, along with the option to tag all of your Klan buddies anonymously. Just kidding, what is actually being attempted here is far, far worse.

The smiling faces of evil.
The smiling faces of evil.
> “SketchFactor, the brainchild of co-founders Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington, is a Manhattan-based navigation app that crowdsources user experiences along with publicly available data to rate the relative “sketchiness” of certain areas in major cities.”

I don’t think I need to ask any of you to set down your beers and concentrate so you can understand the sheer enormity of the consequences entailed by this system. Just imagine the unbridled racist hatefacts that will emerge from travelers and residents actually rating how unsafe and crime-ridden certain streets and neighborhoods are. Why in a matter of days it will be widespread public knowledge that the Gaza Strip is far safer for the family trip on Sunday than any place in America named “Martin Luther King Blvd”.

Suddenly neighborhoods most of us avoid anyway will have actual user reviews establishing the specific and horrifying reasons most of us roll up our windows and lock the doors while rolling through them. Will high crime areas with negative user reviews be literally “black listed” and demarcated on the GPS with a blinking gangster icon? Are users going to be posting links to actual video and photos of chimp-outs and nigger-moments? I shudder to imagine the sorts of racist realities that will come streaming unfiltered through “sketchfactor” like a Ku Klux Klan recruitment video.

Honestly I agree with Sam Biddle about the inherent racism here, since both of the program’s designers lived in Washington DC and it’s unfathomable that they were unaware of the racist implications of this mobile app, particularly when the Grand Wizards at notable white supremacist organization Microsoft have already been in hot water over a similar scheme. They simply had to have been cognizant that this program would test the faith of good liberals everywhere by exposing them to inconvenient facts and truths better left hidden.

This is really the source of outrage here, that some smiling white supremacist would create a relatively open system of un-moderated, unfiltered and non politically correct feedback that could result in a reality the modern progressive so desperately wants to ignore coming right before the public eye. This of course is being reflexively framed as a tool to help whites avoid blacks with all the other regurgitated social justice tropes about classism and privilege puked up on top of it, since we all know the very real issues of violence and crime in black communities would just go away if we’d only ignore them completely. Also, how dare anyone leave the definition of “sketchiness” up to the user without first demanding they include historical oppression of minorities and modern systemic inequalities in their analysis? God forbid people are allowed to just express their opinions without filtering them through the appropriate lens first!

Predictably enough, not a single word has been written to address whether or not these fears of massive scale racial profiling might actually reflect a very real pattern of crime in America. As usual, such questions are assumed a priori to be racist and are studiously avoided lest any inconvenient hatefacts bubble to the surface. The narrative must be steered clear of these dangerous waters at any cost, lest the ship of progressive liberalism capsize itself on the shoals of race realism.

After all, when you’re part of a modern day secular humanist community, you’ve got to keep those smiling racist heretics from leading the Faithful astray.