Facial Abuse for Feminism

June 4, 1913: Suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under King George V’s horse at the Derby 100 years ago. The 40-year-old teacher, who was fighting to gain women the vote, died from her injuries four days after the incident at Epsom that shocked Britain.
Regardless of your political opinion or what you think of the outcome of women’s right to vote, what Emily Davison did was brave. In the beginning, suffragettes were fighting for the right to contribute to society in a meaningful way and adopt the virtues that men had access to. Feminists back then, wanted to be more than their reproductive organs and more than mere decorations.

A free womyn.
It has only been about a hundred years but feminism has largely morphed into an ideology that attempts to defend anything and everything a woman does. Adherents now do not even consider the consequences of defending the lifestyle of women like Miriam Weeks. In the past, women fought for agency and responsibility for the outcomes of their actions. Now they fight for the right to get Facially Abused™ without social ridicule.

The gentleman at TRS have written a number of articles on Weeks because this situation–this media circus–highlights everything that has gone wrong with feminism. It is agonizing for all of us to see a woman who does choke-porn act like it’s “empowering.” There was a time when most women would rather be dead than be subject to such public humiliation. Once again, progressives support this complete value-inversion and have no concept of actions that convey excellence, dignity and virtue. Whoever manages to be the dirtiest and most common whore is considered “brave” and “good” for the sole reason that they are despised by everyone. Conservatives would not have this woman be a “Young Voice for Liberty.” Liberals are not so desperate for media time to latch onto any bimbo just because they are having their 5 minutes of fame. When did libertarianism become the political equivalent of TMZ celebrity gossip?

I have witnessed oppression and apparently it’s empowering.
There is a terrible irony to feminism in the 21st century. Miriam Weeks is wrong for women, wrong on so many levels. She has starved herself to be more attractive to men and has gotten choked and humiliated on camera for the entertainment of white upper-class males at Duke. In her audition video she is asked about her feminism and ridiculed before being face-fucked. Her body is abused; her mind and opinion are ridiculed on camera for the heightened sexual pleasure of men. In theory, feminism is about uplifting women, making them more than their orifices and allowing women to not starve themselves or let their bodies be abused just for the carnal pleasures of men. In theory, feminism promotes women’s agency and opinion; in the porn championed by Knox and modern feminists, the only thing that matters is her physical subjugation and mental humiliation. If feminists did not live in a solipsistic fantasy world they would realize that people do not gain respect for women when they do facial abuse porn. What Miriam Weeks does is the exact opposite of what feminists purport to do for women. What Miriam Weeks does is the exact opposite of liberty and well-being.

Social conservatives are considered misogynists, but they believe in marriage. They believe a man must give half of himself to spend time with a woman. Progressives think a woman can be owned and abused by anyone for the low subscription cost of 29.99 per month. Who knew “patriarchal oppression” was so cost-effective. So who really degrades and cheapens women?