White-Presenting Nationalism

A loyal TRSer must always try to find the hidden euphoria among the constant rustling and triggering in our fallen world if he is to maintain his sanity. A recent rustling that has gotten a lot of attention in our sphere is the Boston Globe “Mexizona” cartoon. White native born American whites ever-so-hilariously find themselves walled-out of the US and, I suppose, “illegal” immigrants in Mexico? It’s hard to describe. Ham-fisted failures at actual comedy usually are.

I would like to revisit the commentary on how the supposed “Mexicans” are depicted in the drawing. It has already been pointed out, they appear as white people with sun-tans. Not ditch diggers, leaf blowers or squat taco-shell bending mothers of 12, but as GQ-reading, Louis Vitton knock-off buying, stylish, white yuppies with extra melanin.

[![Just your average, normal mestizos.](http://res.cloudinary.com/trs/image/upload/h_300,w_118/v1428564055/white-presenting-mestizos_f0dmmx.jpg)](http://res.cloudinary.com/trs/image/upload/v1428564055/white-presenting-mestizos_f0dmmx.jpg)
If only…
I actually like this. It betrays an un-told bias in leftoid-land regarding what we expect of others. The leftist cartoonist, along with most pro-illegal immigration (or any other form of race denier) wants to send the message that the people who desperately want in this Land of ours are just like us. Inside, they’re white, and they just need time to let it out with us! Your personal experiences with these people be damned, your anecdotal evidence is just like, your opinion, man. After all, the only reason Mexico is shit is because they haven’t had enough exposure to streaming porn and loose white women. Even though it’s laughably untrue, and easily demonstrated as so, at least we have something to agree on. WHITE-PRESENTING ASSIMILATED MEMBERS OF OTHER RACES ARE WHAT WE WANT. Leftoids would never admit it, but I am proud to declare it from on high here at TRS.biz. I am a White-Presenting Nationalist. White-Presenting Power! IF YOU CAN’T BE US, AT LEAST ACT LIKE US. This falls in line with [Bulbasaur’s argument](http://therightstuff.biz/2014/07/24/mooring/ "Mooring") that while illegal immigration from Mexico and points south should be completely stopped, that’s no reason to bring all immigration to a halt. But let me be clear: Your huddled masses better know how to do more than cut grass and wait in line at the welfare office. While Democrats can’t possibly admit to being in line with this (muh cultural annihilation), Republicans seem to over-estimate how much it’s possible. Remember, one of Dubya’s most memorable utterances was “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande.” They fall all over themselves to come up with “alternative” plans for “paths to citizenship” or whatever. They actually think they can not only assimilate them into White-presenting lawnmowers, but Republican voters to boot!! Hey, at least the sentiment is there. I believe it has been argued [on this very blog,](http://therightstuff.biz/2013/02/28/liberal-champions-for-white-supremacy/) certainly elsewhere, that White “Supremacy” is pretty much self evident. If White Supremacy is fake, a social construct, or something, then why does Affirmative Action exist?  Why would you need to handicap a population that isn’t actually any better than you? I’d like to add a wrinkle to that line of reasoning. White “Supremacy” is only reality when whites apply themselves to being as white as possible. Juggalo culture, and Black-Presenting “wiggers” are usually the most derided subset of American whites by anyone with any sort of education or sense of identity. Blacks don’t like the appropriation of their “authentic” ghetto culture, and White-Presenting Whites don’t like seeing their kind imitating people they are clearly better than. I feel literally no loyalty to wiggers or juggalos. They are not part of my vision of Supremacy. The color of their skin doesn’t give them a pass on acting stupid. If anything, their failure to realize their potential is even more damning. Having white skin doesn’t matter if your life’s pursuit is imitating the ghetto.
[![It will habben.](http://res.cloudinary.com/trs/image/upload/h_300,w_228/v1428563972/example5_umnjrw.jpg)](http://res.cloudinary.com/trs/image/upload/v1428563972/example5_umnjrw.jpg)
It will habben.
And let me tell you, given the choice, I absolutely would prefer the White-Presenting Black and Puerto Rican families I have as neighbors over wiggers or juggalos (not that they can into home ownership, but whatever). Mestizos and bad comic strips aside, I think we all know the community that would most benefit from White-Presenting Nationalism are blacks. This of course, is because they collectively are so against it. hould a black man overcome his own culture, learn to wear a suit, marry a decent woman, raise a family and purchase a home in Outer Whitelandia, his friends and family will always look upon him as a traitor. The television, internet and radio will try their damnedest to convince his negro-with-a-silver-spoon sons to start imitating the poor, violent lifestyle their father escaped. Escaping is in-authentic. Escaping is to be an Uncle Tom. Men like Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, and countless nameless above average black men who present as average white men are house niggers in some kind of RethugliKKKan conspiracy to… I dunno… turn the descendants of captives into civilized people?  But we want these people. I want these people. I will claim Clarence Thomas as a leader in the W-PN movement if blacks won’t have him. They can keep Trayvon. To recap. Imitate us. The liberals are right when they try and throw in your face the fact that the Irish and Italians successfully pulled it off. Demand that the Mestizos do it too. If you want me to buy into America as a “melting pot,” it needs to be the outsiders doing the melting.
[!["Melting, melting!"](http://res.cloudinary.com/trs/image/upload/h_300,w_224/v1428563961/pot_jkqadi.jpg)](http://res.cloudinary.com/trs/image/upload/v1428563961/pot_jkqadi.jpg)
“Oh, what a world, what a world!!”
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