LEGO Science Girls For Equality... I'm Serious.


Trigger Warning: Nineteenth Amendment

Back in January of this year some horrible bitch used her daughter as a prop for some retweets.  Such behavior should be quarantined like ebola, but I digress.

This particular picture earned some media attention, due to the subject matter.  The issue? A perceived lack of gender equality in LEGO figures.

…No, seriously.

The picture of the seven year old’s totally precocious and super meaningful letter was shared on the social network by the butt exercise and cat video demographic.  Charlotte’s letter was cute and made a “so much this” kind of point about tiny plastic misogyny.

From what I am reading online, LEGO patriarchy has been an ongoing problem impacting young girls of all ages for some time.  I blame my ignorance on this issue on white male privilege.  Everyone else does.

Swedish geochemist Ellen Kooijman wrote a blog post about the company’s lack of non-traditional female figures, offering her ideas for “making our LEGO cities more diverse.”  Reading this blog post totally didn’t make me think less of Kooijman’s profession.

equalityAnyway, fast forward to Monday of this week.  The Danish toy company has responded, launching a collection of female science figurines inspired by Kooijman.  They will be available for purchase later this month.  Be sure to place your pre-order as soon as possible, I’m sure sales will accurately reflect the demand shown on these internet posts.

The cat videos and butt exercises are responding to their smashing victory against the patriarchy in what is becoming typical fashion: facebook shares, retweets, and celebratory posts on Dr. Who fanfiction boards.  Good on them, I say.  We live in a society where oppression looms around every corner, where a woman’s right to kill fetuses and rentseek hang by a tenuous thread.  LEGO’s capitulation to progress will surely fortify women for the greater conflict, the greater goal of super-duper equality.

Perhaps now, women can focus their activist energies on a social issue not involving 1 1/2 inch-tall pieces of molded plastic?  Maybe there will be actual moves toward challenging the status quo? Maybe feminism will start being feminism, and not glorified consumer requests?

* *