Analyzing Skyrimism

So you wish to maintain a White super-majority in America, and you’re growing increasingly desperate in the face of the growing Hispanic population? I mean, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?  It’s time to take over, and dismantle the Union! We need a fresh start; a White racial state within North America! We’re too far gone! This is what our founding fathers would have wanted if they knew about this demographic change! What will become of our race? The most powerful military in the world will leave the hands of Whites! We must act now!

Slow down there, champ.
Slow down there, champ.
I’m going to humor this larping for a moment. Let’s talk about Skyrimism, or White-state secessionism. Is destroying the Union really in the best interest of White Americans? Do we want to end the resources the Union provides? Do we want to undo what our ancestors died and bled for? Do we really want to end the order of the world, tossing the new order, and the fate of our descendants, into the air for the dogs?

Ignoring the unrealism of Skyrimism, the premise is always within a vacuum. Destroying the Union will only ensure that our descendants will be fighting to secure the abundant resources and land North America provides from other nations. While we’re on the topic, I’m also curious just how this White state will be different. How will this state keep itself from making the same mistakes as many of the others regarding demographic shifts? Well, I guess we can think about all of that later, eh? All that matters right now is 14/88.

This is what Skyrimists actually believe
This is what Skyrimists actually believe
Stop having a panic attack. Birthrates shift with every generation. In fact, Hispanic immigrants in The United States are having the greatest decline in birthrates out of any group. Does this mean the White supermajority will sustain itself? If we do the math given the current racial demographics, it does not appear to be the case; especially if we take our uncontrolled third-world immigration into consideration. However, the immigration trends can be halted.

I got a better idea for Skyrimists: direct your energy within the frame of reality. Challenge modern White culture, and change their minds. Encourage traditionalism, endlessly promote a White boom, and vote for the right guy to put strict immigration policies in place. It can be done. Yes, I know democracy is frowned upon in the ‘alternative’-right, and I myself have even written my criticisms of it. However, you must play with the cards you have been dealt.

What’s that, you say? I’m being impractical, and you believe there is zero chance of Whites being on board with a cultural shift? I disagree. The dying of the boomers, the decaying of the 60’s kids, and the White reaction to the current racial demographics, leaves much opportunity for the Right to get its foot in the door. Also, let me put something deliciously ironic into perspective for you: If you desire Skyrim, you’re going to need to change the minds of Whites anyway. Funny how that works right? Only the Skyrimist plan also calls for ultimately challenging the most powerful military in the world, and a reckless passion for race that will ultimately leave your children stranded in a new world with a massive shift in order; a shift that will be far beyond their control. When Skyrimists believe they need to secure a “future for White children”, do they even care about the quality of this future? Do they ever stop and think about the possible consequences of their actions? It would appear not. In fact, it seems they hardly think at all.

Luckily for us, Skyrimists larp politely without doing any real harm to anyone. Regardless, I suppose their passion does some form of good in terms of promoting a cultural change in The United States. I simply wish they would direct their energy to reality. The real Right may accomplish a lot more with that kind of energy directed at usefulness.  Until that day comes, I’ll do my best to avoid Skyrimist lighting bolts.

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