On Cop Block


“I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals.”
-Matt Stone

I hate trigger happy sadistic pig cops.

But I really fucking hate Cop Block.

The reason I hate sites like Cop Block has nothing to do with those who legitimately want police to be virtuous, defend the Great Society and hold back the untamed and savage parts of the world that slip through the gates. Let’s face it, the type of people who want those things don’t follow sites like Cop Block.

The Cop Block demo is composed of angry stoners who were arrested for their idiocy once and now think living out a tryhard “fuck da police” lifestyle is some kind of noble defense of liberty…  Which in a way kind of is, as their violent, lumpenprole arguments for anarchy help support the demand for a police force. Oh, the irony.

Take for example the story of Keith Vidal. Just the other day Cop Block posts an article from January of this year attempting to portray this cop as getting away scott-free, getting a party complete with cake and streamers for heroically blasting the kid alongside contrasting imagery of funeral processions all in black and the weeping and gnashing of mothers.

This kind of stuff almost makes the people who call for mass murders of police look sane… LOL just kidding.


…Notice that if you try to introduce any additional information into the story besides “cop shoots guy, cops initially defend his actions” these folks go full retard.

Yes, within the first week the police department and his co-workers and police organizations defended him. However, a few weeks later some reports came out and there are questions and the quotes from the department, co-workers and NGOs stop. Then a few weeks later the officer gets called to some official hearing and friends and family stop talking to the media and the department doesn’t comment on cases.

That officer is currently awaiting trial for voluntary manslaughter and the state prosecutor says “when this case showed up on my desk, I knew we were pushing it.”

But Cop Block just keeps rolling with the “he got away with murder” narrative like a train up until the point where they’re convicted. At which point the story will become “LOOK AT THAT, WE DID A GOOD JOB GUYS!” Followed by a doubling-down of the pro cop-killing stuff.

In reality they didn’t do a fucking thing in the real world except repost memes, write psychotic posts on Facebook, and make non-satirical videos for months on end while the “good cops” they claim don’t exist broke that “thin blue line” and testified against “their brother.”

Just wait and see if THAT ever makes it into their next post.

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