Liberty Without Agency: Sandoval the Squaw Squalls Stupidly

injunOn April 4th an “indigenous” woman by the ridiculously indigenous name of Xochitl Sandoval at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign threatened to kill herself over  some words on clothing.  No, seriously.  In her formal letter to the school she spends a paragraph detailing how she would blow her mediocre brains out on the quad.

Xochitl demands that the university conforms to her feels and does so by trying to hold herself hostage.  Which is funny to anyone who has ever watched “Blazing Saddles,” but I digress.

It says a lot about the society today that such a blatant display of psychological instability is treated as a viable initiation of discourse, and not chased down by men with butterfly nets.  It should frighten the students of UIUC to realize that Miss Tenochtitlan or whatever is allowed to roam campus freely.  They should consider muzzling her, at least.

It also says a lot about the quality of these aforementioned indigenous peoples that their coddled, chubby, minority scholarship-consuming descendants now consider ending their lives over “CHIEF” sweatshirts.


To her, “rights” begin and end with her.  There is no conception of other actors, of other traditions, customs and the possibility of them overlapping.  Miss Sandoval cannot seem to recognize that perhaps Chief may be a positive thing to people who don’t check the same box on the “ethnicity” section.  She certainly cannot fathom that she may be doing more to marginalize people by demanding bans and censure than anyone ever did by wearing a shirt with “Chief” on it.  One might think that such behavior is pretty savage and unbecoming of a modern native.

Let’s be brutally honest here, this letter was not composed by a person who takes pride in her culture, or any culture for that matter.  To anyone who actually sees the indigenous culture as a culmination of achievements and actions, as being something outside of their self, Xochitl’s demands are far more shameful and detrimental than a mascot or word.  Better to have your tradition exist as a celebrated caricature than as a crutch to further a disturbed woman’s own selfishness.

Fact is, Miss Sandoval is using her swarthy skin and some feminist linguistics as a cudgel in order to rent-seek.  To steal.  To exist as a parasite with a degree…  Which describes the vast majority of those who write for Huffpo and the like.

This sort of behavior is what we can continue to expect in a world gone mad, a world that grants rights and liberty to people who lack the agency to ever utilize them properly.