School Protects Child From Own Stupidity, "Progress" Reacts

Source: Mashable

A North Carolina school is being criticized for caring about a child’s safety more than appealing to the hipster and single-motherhood demographic (i.e. liberals).

Unfortunately named 9-year-old Grayson Bruce was apparently too busy being a special snowflake to get the hint regarding social hierarchy.  Recognizing this, the child was told by Buncombe Country Schools to stop making himself a target and to stop bringing his My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic backpack to school.

The pudgy modern face of bravery.
Mom is upset, of course.

Dad is absent, of course.

The reaction has been as expected.  A petition was posted, attracting a bunch of signatures no one will read.  One of the Girly Pony Cartoon’s creators showed hastag solidarity with Grayson on twitter, which was supposed to be profound or something.

Even Glenn Beck  weighed in on the situation, reminding us why American conservatism is such a miserable farce these days.


Quoted From Mashable: The conservative radio host said that Grayson has “the balls to be different,” and encouraged the boy to remain that way.

Balls? If Grayson had balls he wouldn’t have cried to mommy like a bitch when classmates made fun of him for being “different.”  Grayson would have fought back when people started pushing and punching had he been raised to know he possessed balls.  Balls wouldn’t cling to your frumpy mother’s skirt when humanity doesn’t accommodate your abnormal replacement for a masculine influence.

Methinks Beck is too busy portraying a profound guy in stupid glasses to actually have the following profound thought: how can a boy ever become a man when his life is on pink pony training wheels?

This finally brings us to Lori Duron, proud “mother” of a breathing little abortion in Elton John knock-offs.

The face of modern child abuse.
Lori was moved to write an open letter to Buncombe.  On queerty, of course.  Of course.

Reading her letter gave me a glimpse into the mind of a woman who would reduce her child to a garishly-colored progressive merit badge.  It was awful.

You see, Grayson has the right to carry the backpack of his choice — just like every other student in your schools – and he has the right to a safe learning environment. You have an obligation to see to it that those rights are protected.

Well you see, Lori, rights and obligations were never supposed to be separated.  Rights entail a responsibility for those who enjoy them…  At least they did before your type started voting.

Rights are not equal, some rights take precedence over others.  For instance, a person’s right to safety takes precedence over a person’s right to model a girly backpack.  By telling Grayson to stop wearing his punch magnet, Bumcombe is enforcing Grayson’s right to a safe learning environment.  The school understands and has acted upon the rights it has been given by our government.

If backpacks are triggers to these kids, they need help.  They need to be able to see a backpack and not act out in dangerous, antisocial and harmful ways. After all, backpacks are everywhere.

You try and fail to reduce this issue to a matter of backpacks, and not what images and behaviors accompany them.  You overall make a rather shoddy go of creating a false moral high ground.  You call those who are triggered by Grayson’s aberrant behavior antisocial bullies, only to demand that society be deconstructed to serve the whims of a broken 9-year-old and a fat, wicked single mom.  That so many stupid voters echo your poisonous opinion only shows how far Western civilization has fallen.

Lori and those who share these antisocial views seem to believe society exists to provide resources for bizarre and socially-detrimental behavior.   To value society more than these broken women and their bastards is now considered the greatest of evils.

We exist in a world that has bent itself almost to the breaking point to accommodate these monsters and parasites, only for them to remark that it’s not enough.  That it will never be enough.

Take a good, long look gentlemen: this is what a society on borrowed time looks like.

This is what a society on borrowed time look like.