Celebrating Diversity: Liberal Tolerance and the "Religion of Peace"

I’ve long maintained that you can predict most liberal positions will just be the opposite of whatever conservatives are talking about at the moment. This is certainly the case any time some progressive smirks and proclaims that Islam is totally no different whatsoever than Christianity in terms of social consequence. Even the New Atheists, a group notorious for misadventures in philosophy, are at least intellectually honest enough to loudly disagree with the liberals on their naive premise that Islam is “no more problematic than Christianity” and cite plenty of convincing reasons for why this isn’t true. Quite naturally, the liberals considered the intellectual case for disapproving of Islam at considerable length, and then constructed a carefully reasoned rebuttal of this premise. Just kidding! They did nothing but scream “Islamophobia” at full volume, peppering retorts of “Not All Muslims Are Like That” in between mandatory accusations of xenophobia and racism.

Pro-tip, excluding extremists is common sense, not intolerance.
Protip: Excluding extremists is common sense, not intolerance.
In addition to simply taking an oppositional stance to a conservative talking point, lumping the atrocities of Islam in with the past crimes of Christianity gives the liberal an opportunity to partake in the socially popular game of slamming American religious believers with an unfavorable comparison. There’s probably a little of the ol’ multiculturalist hubris sprinkled on top somewhere, but mostly this narrative is just used as a launching platform to begin a tirade against Christianity. Why the deflection? Because accepting that Islam is a much more extreme authoritarian religion would delegitimize and invalidate the liberal’s emotional claim of suffering oppression under the bootheel of the Christian Religious Right. Whining about religiously motivated opposition to gay marriage and abortion looks like a petty 1st world problem when one considers that in Islamic countries women are regularly stoned for violating Sharia Law and homosexuals get executed, so there is a strong impetus to avoid the topic of Muslim atrocities altogether. We should also be cognizant that while Christians might vote on policies that liberals don’t like, they don’t break out the AK-47s and machetes to impose their political will, another inconvenient truth which renders cries of theocracy and “American Religious Fascism” completely hollow.

To be sure, the extremism of Islam and the extremism of modern Christianity are on two completely different orders of magnitude. The often quoted tripe about “abortion clinic bombings” as the Christian version of religious violence has little relevance when one considers the last time this happened was in 1998 and only a single person was killed. On the other hand, the number of suicide attacks and violence committed by Muslims is such a daily occurrence entire websites are devoted to just chronicling  the death toll. To even attempt to catalog all of this sort of barbarism would go beyond the scope of this article, but colorful examples from just this month include  shooting a Buddhist and setting her on fire, posing with decapitated heads of your victims, and blowing up convoys with roadside bombs. Pretty much every flavor of barbaric violence is covered by modern Muslim extremists, yet we seem to lack any sort of comparable Christian terrorist analog. Of course that won’t stop the average drooling liberal from going back in history a few hundred years to dredge up some examples of Christian holy wars, but the mere fact they have to move the goal posts so far back in time really says a lot about which religion is currently more hazardous for a society.

Have you killed an unbeliever today?
Have you killed an unbeliever today?
The idea that being sensibly opposed to Sharia Law and Muslim integration is a type of “phobia,” and not a perfectly rational response to a group of people who are directly threatening your way of life is pure liberal idiocy. Favoring Islam for the sake of multiculturalism is like favoring flamethrowers for the sake of forest preservation. There is no cultural benefit to importing a group of people who would like to ban alcohol and force all women to wear hijabs while simultaneously arresting members of the opposite sex for being alone together. This sort of primitive barbaric religious insanity adds nothing of value to a society, nor does having rival religious groups blowing themselves up in each other’s temples promote internal stability. Realistically the internecine violence of differing Islamic sects is one of the most significantly damning characteristics of this religion. These savages would prefer to settle all their theological arguments using AK-47s and suicide bombs. Could anyone honestly imagine living in an America where Baptists routinely sneak into Catholic churches in order to detonate IEDs in the middle of Mass?

Bombs are the preferred way to settle differences of interpretation.
Bombs are the preferred way to settle differences of interpretation.
The fact of the matter is, the Conservatives and New Atheists are actually right about Islam: It’s a backwards primitive religious superstition for ignorant desert tribesman and has no place whatsoever in a modern state. Liberal apologists for Islam are essentially just cutting off their noses to spite their faces. This is similar to the liberal refusal to countenance criticisms of “black street culture” despite all sorts of “vibrant” and “colorful” behaviors they would frown upon if committed by Conservative White Men. There is nothing about Islam that offers any redeemable social value worth importing to ANY society, other than perhaps a nihilistic desire to literally destroy oneself for an imaginary reward in a non-existent afterlife or a blind adherence to superstitious bronze age religious delusions. This sort of  mentality is the literal definition of Nietzsche’s Preachers of Death, and there is no reason for any intellectually honest person to condone or tolerate it.

“Everywhere resoundeth the voices of those who preach death; and the earth is full of those to whom death hath to be preached. Or “life eternal”; it is all the same to me—if only they pass away quickly!”
Thus spake Zarathustra