Jen Sorenson's Totalitarian Feelocracy

Behold, the stupidest thing I have seen today…  And it’s 2am.  Dammit.

Trigger Warning: Jen Sorenson


  1. Funny how “freedom” when dealing with human actors always becomes something inherently unequal.  Jen ignores this.  Of course.  Jen instead projects a conception of freedom that involves reality catering to her wants.  Of course.

  2. The act of forcing someone to service you against their will, penetration or not, is considered “rape” in most feminist/liberal circles.  How Jen is able to overlook this flaw is described further down.

  3. If the Enlightenment is to blame for the modern State accommodating a woman’s hedonism and penchant for abortion, perhaps “enlightenment” wasn’t a very good word for it to begin with? A woman murdering babies between stints as a cumdumpster doesn’t strike me as a net advance in human civilization.

  4. Where is the respect and tolerance when it comes to religious justification for not servicing someone who lives a life offensive to that religion? A Christian says he/she will not offer services to a homosexual, therefore they must have their livelihood taken away? You call them “conservatives,” but you really mean “kulaks.”

  5. Jen wants these businesses closed for violating “human dignity,” but nowhere does she attempt to treat these different views as human.  Because they are not human to her, but animals and/or monsters.  She sees these offenders as subhumans… Untermenschen if you will.

  6. Why the hate? Because these “conservatives” believe in something Jen doesn’t believe in.  Meaning they believe in something.  There is no attempt in this comic to present a rational argument, the obvious flaws in the narrative compound until you have something unreadable at the end…  Which is impressive considering it’s only four panels.

To me, this shows a mind that cannot understand anything outside of itself.  Jen, like most moderns, seems to be stuck in the pre-conventional stages of morality.

Ultimately, what I find truly grating is the realization that there is nothing I can write, no condemnation that can match the blunt, animal hatred Sorenson has for anything that doesn’t conform to her icebox vagina.