Religious Freedom and Intolerance

ughSource: George Takei

This “higher ground” amounts to spitting on religious doctrine in favor of the disgusting behavior associated with gay “culture.” Apparently it’s also not absolutism or religious if you are a female or “LGBT ally” that absolutely and religiously supports things that were better off secluded in dens of iniquity.

I recall reading something about a beam in one’s eye.
The question I find many asking is: why all the hate? There is nothing close to an equivalent pushback, at this point “marriage equality” and the acceptance of homosexuality nationwide is a matter of inertia.  You’re won, and still you hate and hate and hate.  Why?

Because, try as they might, George Takei, Glee and legions of vapid females can not, will not make the activities associated with homosexuality less destructive to the individual and society.

This explains why they are so over-the-top strident against even the most milquetoast conscientious dissent.  If you focus on the conflicted means you don’t have to focus on the disastrous ends.

No surprise then that modern women are attracted to this conflict; they have a vested interest in keeping society’s divides as nasty as possible.


…It is also no surprise that homosexuals and deviants will resort to lies to create a conflict where it doesn’t exist (Source: Dailymail).


See also: Genesis Hernandez, Dayna Morales, Hercules Bathroom Assault, etc.

This isn’t very “progressive.”  This behavior is actually quite regressive, quite low-trust and primitive.  *This isn’t going to end well. *

Fact of the matter is, if you never stop screaming “intolerance” and “bigotry” at someone, if you absolutely refuse any compromise, and if you do this while holding your hand out…  Eventually you will create actual intolerance and bigotry.

One thing future generations should take from our present age is the horrible realization that oppressed and marginalized people, when protected from the society they rebel against, prove they deserved the oppression and marginalization all alongFrog, meet Scorpion.