Still Know-Nothing: Belle Knox

From xojane, Duke’s porn star has come out to continue challenging a system that offers her no challenge.  Finally.

Except, considering this news initially broke less than two weeks ago (Feb. 21 is the initial xojane story), what Belle “finally” reveals is her high time preference.


Like the previous article, I am not going to lower myself to reading the “deep thoughts” of a professional penis holster.  My cishet white privilege is triggered at the very thought of such things.

Like before, all we need to know can be found in screencaps:

womenstudiesNotice the hilarious overlap between a woman’s studies degree and being banged roughly on camera.

Now recognize that Belle/Missy/Lauren is not calling herself “a Duke student who does porn.”  She is the Duke University Porn Star™.  This prestigious university is just a branding tool for her chosen career in “Daddy Issues.”

Belle’s degree in using postmodern linguistics to rent-seek is a backup after the porn lifestyle destroys her physical beauty.  The emotional trauma of the sex industry will certainly help her feminist blogging in the future.

I’m guessing most people will see this as a brave woman standing against the patriarchy.  Because most people would be better off coloring or in the kitchen and not participating in adult society.

I’m telling you that a woman that does FacialAbuse is largely immune to male abuses: she has likely known nothing else from man.

What she’s really doing here is maintaining her standing among fellow women.

What we really see here is what feminism amounts to: critical theory applied to uncritical creatures.  A linguistic Rube Goldberg machine, to assert a pecking order.

Belle Knox is a pornstar and woman’s studies major.  We know some more things about her, and still she is nothing.