The Libertarian Stuff: The Power of Liberty


“Not by speechifying and majority votes can the great questions of our Day be settled… but by iron and by blood.” —Bismarck

Might was right when Caesar bled
upon the stones of Rome,
Might was right when Joshua led
his hordes o’er Jordan’s foam,
And Might was right when German troops
poured down through Paris gay;
It’s the Gospel of the Ancient World
and the Logic of To-Day.

Behind all Kings and Presidents —
all Government and Law,
Are army-corps and cannoneers —
to hold the world in awe.
And sword-strong races own the earth
and ride the Conqueror’s Car—
And Liberty has ne’er been won,
except by deeds of war.

Liberty will never be won by moralfag appeals to “natural rights,” by equivocation between taxation and theft, slavery, or even rape. But there is a power to liberty that is often overlooked. It can be won by might.

Here’s why.

1. Economics
In WWII, the allies were a bunch of idealistic, commie-loving faggots, fighting for “democracy” and “human rights.” Yet they still beat out the hard-nosed realists of the Axis. Why? In short, overwhelming productive capacity. A Sherman tank might have been derisively called a “tommy lighter” by Panzer and Tiger crews, but Detroit — then located in the world’s most proto-libertarian nation — could churn them out by the tens of thousands.

Libertarian theorists have adequately explained reality’s decisive refutation of economic central planning. Free enterprise is the only way to overcome the calculation problems and incentive problems inherent to socialist production and unlock the full productive potential of industrial civilization. Even with Washington’s moralfaggotry and their severe infringements on American free enterprise before and during WWII, this was enough to tip the balance in their favor. Productive capacity isn’t always a decisive factor in war — it’s meaningless if it goes only to churning out dildos — but it can be critical.

No, no, you’re doing it wrong!
2. Eugenics
Mature social democracies breed shitty people because democracies are vote farms and the most economical way to farm votes is to raise degenerate parasites. If you’re a productive, self-supporting citizen of a democracy, you’re not the crop, you’re the fertilizer.

If they don’t collapse under the weight of their own teeming parasites, the world’s democracies will surely be swept away by the rulers of more hardy and vigorous peoples.

Libertarians’ traditional disdain (prior to the recent crop of “left-libertarians”) for welfare, charity, affirmative action, social-justice, anti-discrimination laws, cripple privilege, etc… in favor of ruthless Darwinism (I mean, ahem, “individual responsibility”) would be conducive to breeding the sort of robust, independent, badasses with which you can win wars.

For that weak sack of flesh you so gleefully mock is no supersoldier, no immortal warrior, no creature cursed by chaos like you. He is a man, an Imperial Guardsman drawn from some forgotten corner of the Imperium to fight for his species and for the safety of the people he loves. He is a factory worker, a farmer, a storekeeper, a father, a brother, a son; a mere man. And against creatures like you, teeming and numberless, powered by the very wills of thirsting gods… He holds the line. He has held the line for ten thousand years. So what is your excuse, monster?

3. Distributed Power
A single center of power is weak. It’s a target. It’s vulnerable. Plus, it’s rigid, sclerotic, slow. If you’re trying to direct all action from the center, you run into a host of difficulties analogous to those attendant to economic central planning. The Germans understood this well, even into Nazi times. Junior officers in the Wehrmacht were often given objectives in their training exercises that could only be achieved by disobeying orders. This was meant to encourage initiative, independence, and a focus on results over process.

A polycentric social, political, economic, and even military order entails certain challenges and inconveniences, but it also has a huge amount of flexibility, can react quickly and can absorb enormous damage without unraveling.

Plumbline libertarians tend to be insufferable faggots. So-called “left-libertarians” are guaranteed to be. But there is still much within the libertarian philosophy that will inform the aristocrats and enlightened despots of tomorrow. Simply put, there is more might to be had ruling free and vigorous people with a light touch than downtrodden serfs with a heavy hand.

And that is why the future is likely to be more libertarian than the past. There will be no slave revolt (and if there were, it would be stupid and short-lived.) But liberty is a philosophy for masters, not for slaves.

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