Source: xojane

everything I would be crass and suggest one look up her professional film work to fill in the rest of the picture, but really all porn is the same.  We already see the picture, here.

It is really quite amazing: from the profile picture to her assertion that we know nothing, literally everything you need to know about Lauren is here in one screenshot.

All the projection of empowerment and equality, all the feminist rhetoric and postmodern deconstruction, amounts to a girl getting paid to have sex with strangers on film.  We live in a dark age, when women vehemently defend their rights to be fleshlights and jizzrags.  Personally, I’d pick the oppression of the 1950s over freedom and cumshot scenes.  In the former there was a chance your oppressor actually cared about you.

She is a pornstar and a college freshman.  The horrible thing is, we know everything about her.  We know she is nothing.