The Libertarian Stuff: Introduction

This article will be the beginning of what I plan to be a multi-part, multi-contributor series.  The purpose? To seek rapprochement with libertarianism.  Yeah, we’re going there.

That said, which libertarianism?

What used to be a big tent during the Ron Paul campaign has today devolved into an ideological morass.  Liberty means (has always meant) different things to different people: without a central figurehead or ideal it can become quite confusing…  Not to mention insufferable when you get different breeds, brands of libertarian in the same room.  #notruescotsman

This confusion has also led to a predictable and devastating result: progressive infection.  The BHL are a fantastic example:


Much like a hyphen cannot reconcile anarchy with the hierarchy inherent in capitalist structures, a red teardrop cannot reconcile progressive memes with the harsh realities inherent in free markets/human interaction.  As numerous articles on this blog clearly show: Progressivism is the flat denial of reality, as an ideology it simply cannot into free markets.  Ever.

Like all progressive, postmodern and liberal notions, social justice can only be achieved by divorcing humans from action.  This fantasy can be disguised and presented to a human in the guise of wordy, esoteric pablum.  This faux reality works until someone sees progressive ideas no longer confined to books and classrooms, but applied in the real world.

In reality, social justice amounts to slut walks for female agency, orgies for marriage equality, vagina knitting as art, Trayvon Martin nativity scenes.  Ad nauseum.

In fact, there is nothing more constraining and less free than social justice.  To be socially just in the modern and progressive sense is to be the furthest thing from human.  All the rhetorical acrobatics, libertarian diversions and thinly-veiled postmodern garble cannot obfuscate this.

…Except yes it can.  Yes it will continue to do so.

Yes, this is actually a thing.
Yes, this is actually a thing.
More and more, you find libertarianism adopting progressive stances on social issues.  More and more left-libertarianism will become just “libertarianism.”  You can rely on a very simple heuristic, here: the more popular the site, the more liberal the spin and framing.  This appeals to the “libertarian’s” perverted capitalist sensibility: Liberalism sells.  We’ll get to that point in this series.

I have predicted in older articles that eventually Porcfest would be identical to an Occupy rally.  Now, I believe that I didn’t go far enough: it is not inconceivable to envision LvMI becoming a Democrat think-tank by 2020.

Libertarians WILL vote for her. They’ll put her in the White House.
It is our hope at TRS that we can find means to work together with the few remaining libertarians out there.  Hopefully we can salvage a narrative more meaningful than drones, copblock and fluoride.  Perhaps we can come to a more idealized relationship between man and the State without reading about Cathy Reisenwitz’s vagina.

This may be expecting too much, but we’ll never know until we try.