White-Presenting Black Girl Dangerously Self-Detonates

danger-sign-safe-spaceToday’s article comes to us from the SWPL favorite SJW blog Black Girl Dangerous. Rent-seeking intersectionality double-dipper Mia McKenzie has penned this handy guide for white people on how they can just shut up and give minority pressure groups whatever the fuck they demand. She has organized her ransom note “ways to push back against your privilege” into four convenient talking points, perhaps with the subconscious anticipation that it would prompt a cisheteronormative white male to mansplain a rebuttal. Without further ado, let us voyage into the sloppy, contradictory thinking of a pampered negress.

1. Relinquish Power
Yes, you read that correctly. Her first demand is that you literally just give minorities what they want. She uses the example of a white boss “pulling rank” and hiring more white people over POCs. Said white person uses the lame-ass whitesplained nonsense that as boss it’s somehow her magical right to make employment decisions. Because, you know, she should have clearly just listened to the demands of her black employees based purely on their skin color. She gives away a lot of the game here. This sort of rent-seeking requires whitey to be legitimately interested in the idea of “combating privilege” and giving in to her demands for the sake of fairness in the first place. What if your white boss has had enough of your arrogant, demanding bullshit and fires your black ass so he can replace you with a nice respectable white gay?

Why is there a tacit assumption that if I enjoy an unearned privilege I should relinquish it? What if I like my privilege? Would a person of color in the same position relinquish their privilege? Of course before this is over the author will actually rupture the entire possibility of ever objectively quantifying any oppression or privilege claim whatsoever.

2. Just Don’t Go
This point features the new phenomena of seeing a normal state of affairs as privilege. If you don’t need a wheelchair, apparently you are privileged. (I was once in a wheel chair, does this mean I get Oppression Points to cash in?) She claims that if an event does not cater to disabled people, you shouldn’t go no matter what, because “not being a dick” is super hard and stuff but you gotta make the sacrifice. Once again, why should I push back against my “privilege” to walk on two feet? Is this some kind of self-flagellation that I must perform to atone for my sins? What the fuck am I getting out of this shit?

3. Shut up
I’ll be honest and give her a tiny acknowledgement here: despite the fact this is a transparently obvious attempt to silence critics, she does observe the very real phenomena that narcissistic white people absolutely love to talk about race issues. She of course maintains that the only business white people ever have talking about anything is going along with party line and speaking about the “truth” of oppression. Apparently this Noble Negress believes herself to be some sort of holy arbiter of what people are permitted to discuss, a conceit she will continue in her final talking point.

According to Mia, because people take white people more seriously than others, anything they say will “do more harm than good.” This is frankly a bizarre premise, since it promotes the idea that a self-hating black racist Nazi deserves more of a voice than a white liberal civil rights advocate. The idea here is that a person’s skin color is more important than the content of their message, something I’m sure Doctor King would have agreed with. Regardless, the best way to keep white people from talking about themselves is to not feed into their narcissistic tragic hero bullshit by yammering on about how they’re oppressing everyone.


4. Be careful what identities you claim

“If you’re a cis dude who is only into women but you call yourself ‘queer’ because all your friends are queer and plus you kissed a guy once and also you feel more politically aligned with queer folks… rethink that. Consider how your privilege (and sense of entitlement) gives you access to claim identities even when your lived experience doesn’t support it. The same goes for white-presenting people who claim POC but by their own admission don’t experience oppression based on race.”

Now we’re really seeing the wizard behind the curtain. Her last point is a goldmine of accidental admissions First she concedes that someone’s identity claims might not be legitimate. In her example a predominately heterosexual man isn’t queer since he didn’t meet his invisible Gay Quota. Wait a fucking second, is this bitch actually implying you have to authenticate your identity claims instead of just expecting everyone to credulously go along with your shit? What if we start questioning whether a transgender individual is “really” a lesbian woman trapped inside a man’s body? Does this Holy Black Negress get to decide for us?

Then she goes even further and claims that “white presenting POCs” (Oreos?) who claim not to experience oppression shouldn’t refer to themselves as “People of Color.” Is she saying that blacks who don’t act like niggers get treated like whites? Blacks who aren’t oppressed aren’t really blacks? Do we need a new word to describe this class of people? She claims to be a “visible person of color who deals with racialized oppression on the daily,” but I think folks like Jim Goad would speculate that perhaps she’s “oppressed” for being a whining, rent-seeking bitch, not because of her frizzy hair and chocolate skin. How the fuck can she even use the phrase “racialized oppression” when by her own admission blacks themselves are not always oppressed because of skin color?

Of course, Mia McKenzie herself is, to borrow her own phrase “a white presenting POC.” According to her bio she lives in the Bay Area, likes “vegan pomegranate ice cream and fake fur collars,” goes on tours to elite universities speaking about intersectionality and queer issues, and has won writing awards and grant money. She couldn’t be more fucking SWPL if she went on monthly Aspen ski trips and promoted her own hemp clothing line. Maybe Mia should take her own advice and “rethink” her own fucking identity, because she’s about as “authentically black” as Mitt Romney.

So dangerous
So dangerous
Mia’s completely unselfconscious piece really underlines how contradictory modern identity politics have become. While everyone with even a rudimentary understanding of philosophy will see that this entire notion that someone’s identity is more important than their ideas is nothing more than the genetic fallacy masquerading as critical theory, she raises the stakes even further and renders actual identity itself into unfalsifiable mysticism. A “Person of Color” isn’t just black, they also have to experience “racialized oppression,” whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean.

How are we supposed to know if someone is really oppressed? Do we just credulously accept their claims of oppression? Mia seems to think someone can make inauthentic claims, so how the Hell are we supposed to know when someone is telling us the truth or not? Of course, we all know what Mia really wants. She wants guilt-ridden white SWPLs to wring their hands over the historical oppression they are responsible for and cede power and resources to her in attempt to gain her absolution. She wants us to pay admission to see one of her speaking tours so she can buy more vegan pomegranate ice cream and purchase old vinyl Barry Manilow records.