RIP Pete Seeger, SWPL and Communist 1919 - 2014

“RULERS should be careful about what songs are allowed to be sung.”—Pete Seeger

We here at TRS wholeheartedly agree Pete. Particularly songs as dangerous to the ruling class as yours. Songs so edgy, so boundary-pushing, so Earth-shattering and potentially devastating to the status quo that upon his death their composer is memorialized in establishment newspapers, magazines, public radio stations and government websites.


Rulers indeed must be careful what songs are allowed to be sung Pete. No doubt this has something to do with why the media is currently saturated with breathless hagiographies of you despite your complete lack of fame or even name recognition among the younger generation. Your message must have been really threatening to the powers that be.

Your courage in the face of a hostile elite was and will continue to be an inspiration to all of us. That time you had some lawyer friends of yours threaten a local school board until they allowed you to play a concert at their High School was particularly inspiring.

America loves you Pete. Hell, what’s a little Stalinism and communist subversion between old friends? Nothing that can’t be thrown down the memory hole should it become inconvenient. After all, what we really remember you for is the great strides you made for super important SWPL causes once it became clear that the communist revolution was suffering from a temporary setback. You were even nice enough to apologize for all that commie stuff later. In 2012. Bold move.

By far one of your bravest and most system-challenging songs has to be “What Did You Learn In School?” It’s a personal favorite of mine. I crie erry time Pete, I really do.

It’s funny, but I never learned any of that stuff in school. Weird. My public school education was more like that of this youtube commenter below.


As a tribute to you Pete, we here at TRS have created an updated version of your classic song to reflect how the times have been a changin’.

“I still call myself a communist, because communism is no more what Russia made of it than Christianity is what the churches make of it.”

Cool story bro.

“Now, as I think of our great land,
I know it ain’t perfect, but it will be someday,
Just give us a little time.
This is the reason that I want to fight,
Not ’cause everything’s perfect, or everything’s right.
No, it’s just the opposite. I’m fighting because,
I want a better America, and better laws,
And better homes, and jobs, and schools…”

So… how’s that been working out for you? Oh right. Never mind.

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Hey bro, that's racist.