Star Gay, The Queer Frontier

You might wanna sit down and call your cardiologist before reading further, but I have a big confession to make: I’m a huge science fiction nerd. See I was born in the early 1980s and during those tender formative years of youth my brain was exposed to Patrick Stewart ordering the bridge crew of the Enterprise to “Engage!” on a course boldly where no one has gone before at unreasonably high warp speeds. In the 1990s television was virtually saturated with three different Star Trek shows, Farscape, Lexx, Stargate SG-1, The New Outer Limits, and dozens of short lived sci-fi shows like Space Above and Beyond. This was before the lens of the camera turned from the abstract what-if scenarios and imaginative exploration of the universe and focused instead on boring, insipid reality television. (If only I could build a time machine and go back and fire a quantum torpedo at everyone involved with Survivor.)

Today of course science fiction has virtually disappeared from popular media, mostly replaced by narcissistic reality television shows where you can watch the daily lives of spoiled New Jersey douchebags or see people buy shit at pawn shops. I’ve heard there’s even a show where you get to follow around a couple of guys while they BUY ANTIQUES! Fiction itself has dwindled on television, outside of the occasionally exceptional shows following the “HBO series” format. Curiously though, when science fiction, particularly Star Trek does make an appearance, certain modern commentators have THIS to say:

“But there’s one particular area of social justice that the franchise has failed to live up to its standards on, and it remains a blight on the series in my estimation. I’m talking about the fact that there has never, despite years of promises and false starts, been an openly gay or lesbian character in the canon Star Trek universe.”

[![On second thought, we've been to this frontier already.](](
Are you **sure** we haven’t had an openly gay character or two?
Lemme get this straight in my head. Star Trek, the franchise that’s had black and female captains, alien and robotic crew members, and tackled all sorts of bizarre and intriguing identity dilemmas (*[Rejoined](*, *[The Outcast](*), *needs an obligatory gay character?* This is a franchise set in the future where a fucking STARSHIP flies around the universe faster than light with Goddamn alien officers on board and androids have been declared sentient beings with their own legal rights, but you think the show needs more diversity? How would a gay character add *ANYTHING* of substance to the plot or the characters? Matter of fact, a character being gay would actually be completely boring and pedestrian in a futuristic show where certain crew members are actually members of a hostile cyborg species ([Seven of Nine](, have symbionts that lived in both male and female bodies ([Dax](, or raise questions about the very meaning of sentience ([Data]( Particularly given how “advanced,” “progressive,” and “tolerant” Roddenberry’s Federation is, *a character’s sexual orientation would be a tiny footnote at this point*, utterly useless for building any storyline or character development. Oh, you’re gay? Great, *no one fucking cares*. Now get back to fixing the plasma conduits. Keep in mind that Star Trek is primarily story driven, in the tradition of shows like the Outer Limits that pose philosophical questions. Even in the more character driven series like *Deep Space Nine*, a homosexual character simply doesn’t add anything of substance when you have an [alien species]( literally putting another [species]( in concentration camps. *Gay acceptance issues in the Star Trek universe would be both redundant and trivial compared to the deeper ethical questions the franchise regularly poses.* [![Gayaliens](,w_300/v1428562244/Gayaliens_urnvjz.jpg)]( Secondly, considering that gays actually make up roughly 2-6% of the population at any given time, including them in every goddamn piece of cinema and television to fill up some invisible Gay Quota [is just an obviously forced example of artificial diversity at this point]( Gays and homosexuals proportionately make up a very small subgroup of the population, but require a *[disproportionate](* level of portrayal in modern media. I’ve got news for you: **Homosexuality isn’t that fucking common**. Seeing a gay character in every piece of modern media makes about as much sense *as seeing a double amputee New Zealander with a foot fetish curiously appearing on all the prime time TV shows*. Seems like only a group of obsessive Prima Donnas could ever want so much media attention-oh wait… Of course we all know this is just a case of modern progressives playing the game of “Mining for Minorities.” First they find a minority class favored by the current Social Justice Hobbyists, agitate mindlessly for “more representation” of this group, then once they achieve optimum saturation levels in modern media and establish a good solid quota to sanctimoniously moralize about, they move on to the next group of poor oppressed folks that need the help of some good liberals with savior complexes. You’d think eventually someone would catch on that predominately white, bourgeois Social Justice Warriors are turning this into a personal hobby somewhere between Pokemon and stamp collecting, but very few recognize this patronization for what it is. No, we do not NEED more gay characters, or transsexual characters, or bisexual characters. What we need is creativity unfettered by the rigid need to adhere to politically correct or socially popular viewpoints, and we *especially need* to start ignoring social justice hobbyists trying to ruin our entertainment.
No Jim, it couldn’t.