Obtaining Self Worth: Continued Education

TRS is full of good people. As such, I care about the well being of all of you. We have a nice mixture of white and blue collar, along with some young bucks who have yet to carve their way. I would like to stress the importance of continued education. I’m not talking about taking a worthless English or writing course at your local community college, I’m talking about learning how to do “stuff.”

Stuff is anything one accomplishes with the sweat of their brow and craftsmanship.

Don’t be this goy. (Obviously this fag is not a a goy, but you get the point.)
Trigger warning: narcissism.

I have an advanced degree in engineering and make great money. Does this mean I am entitled to come home and sit on my ass and drink beer? Yes it does. Do I do this? Sometimes. However, I understand the obstacles my ancestors endured and would feel like less of a man if I didn’t live up to my full potential. As such, I spend as much time as possible devoted to learning how to do stuff.

Stuff I do on the side earns additional money. Money I use to fund my party favors, liquor, nice dinners, and other TRS things. The latest job consisted of repairing a failing ceiling in a 100+ year old home, installing a ceiling facade, and finishing the sheet rock. Before that I built a deck for a lady. Spics are taking these jobs away from blue and white collared Americans alike. They send this money to their cockroach relatives in (insert shithole country of origin here) via Western Union. This is not only bleeding dollars from our economy, it is robbing you of learned skills which will come in handy when The Happening finally comes.

Packard will always eat because he knows how to hold liquor, pleasure women, rub shoulders with made-men, and most importantly, fix things lesser men didn’t do right the first time.

I urge each of you to continue your education by picking up practical skills. I honestly feel like it will be necessary in our lifetime, unless you are an oldfag like Michael Enoch.

Editor’s note: I’m not that old. Kthx.