Peak Negro: Air Jordan Riots

A little late, but today’s article comes from The Daily Mail.

Chaos followed the release of Nike’s Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sneaker on Saturday morning as fights broke out in stores across the country between customers keen to get their hands on a pair.

Each year, the highly anticipated release of a new version of limited edition Air Jordans is released and each year, a spate of robberies, assaults, riots and even deaths occur.

This “spate” is estimated by the L.A. Times to cause around 1,200 deaths a year.

That’s right: a shoe has a net eugenic effect on western civilization.

The paralysis of modern liberalism is never more apparent than when it’s commentators are presented with examples such as these.  While your hardliners are always going to find a means to make things fit their narrative, most are simply perplexed by these events.  That’s because an ideology centered on means simply melts down when presented with the ends.

…And the end result of welfare, affirmative action, and Trayvon nativity scenes are riots and murders over clown shoes.

I can explain both the shirtlessness and violence with one word.
I can explain both the shirtlessness and violence with one word.
Trigger warning: urban grammar.

“No, Nike nor Michael Jordan are pulling the trigger themselves, or even telling these individuals to behave the way that they do, but they both play a major role in this chaos, and they are steadily ignoring the violence that Air Jordan shoes bring. And there has to be a better way!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!”

The quote above comes from Dazie Williams, self-absorbed mother of a young man slain over his pair of Jordans.  She has launched a meaningless campaign called Life Over Fashion.

Ostensibly, the goal of her campaign is “to change the way Nike distributes its sought-after sneakers,” as well as to pursue stricter gun laws.  Perusing the site, it’s obvious that Dazie is more interested in posting her face and name is on every inch of available webspace.  I am not surprised that she is unaware of the cause she is subconsciously championing.  That is, the disempowerment of African-Americans.

Allow us here at TRS to whitemansplain this for you.

Dazie’s campaign for “responsible product distribution” and “gun restrictions” admits that the problem isn’t the shoe or the company.  Air Jordans are released nationwide, yet we don’t find white neighborhoods posting videos of  yearly shoe fights on worldstarhiphop.  Even the petition for gun restrictions doesn’t blame the guns for these murders.

No, the blame lies with the negro.  Dazie is arguing that a company is being negligent by distributing their product in areas and quantities where blacks will chimp out.

Reducing the access that minors, criminals and the mentally ill have to firearms can only save lives; who could possibly be against that?

1 in 3 black males will be incarcerated at some point in their lives.  And we all know what “urban youths” or “teens” really translates to.

Dazie’s campaign admits that her people lack the agency and self-control to be trusted with equal access to society.  It admits that blacks have a tendency to be reduced to howling, murderous savages when exposed to flashy advertising, ugly shoes, and bass-heavy music.

The campaign argues that the modern “conveniences” of liberal society have not been conveniences for blacks at all, but a more bureaucratic and less human version of chattel slavery.  That perhaps it would be best to discontinue the faux-equality before things regress any further towards the African mean.

I’m not holding my breath for such a radical shift in liberal programming to occur.  We’ll see a Nike nativity scene before we see sensible racial politics in this country.