The Pied Pedo Piper

The next step in the logical progression of the LGBT political agenda was taken recently, when the most widely read and reliably Brahmin newspaper in Canada ran an article on the work of an internationally acclaimed research hospital that transgresses all our taboos about child sexual predators.

The many angry reactions were largely united by an assumption that such taboos will never be broken, and pedophiles will remain forever the most reviled people in society. This is by no means certain.

To limit orientation only to hetero- and homosexual is arbitrary. Pedophilia (and all the sub-philias that it encompasses), zoophilia, and other deviancies are all legitimate sexual orientations, if orientation is defined based on who (or what) you are attracted to and feel sexual/romantic love for. Objectophilia has already been recognized as a legitimate orientation.

mfw the tumblristas are the consistent ones
mfw the tumblristas are the consistent ones
People probably have this idea that accepting pedophilia is too far, that it will never happen, and that everyone will stand up and put their foot down. It wasn’t long ago that homosexuality was considered unacceptable by mainstream society. Interracial relationships, too. Today both are beyond public reproach. 60 years ago, homosexuality was viewed as a mental illness, a sick perversion that people suffered from. Homosexuals were often institutionalized and homosexual acts were punishable by jail time. Today pedophiles are viewed and treated the exact same way.

The current attitude toward pedophilia is based on a conception of traditional gender roles that sees it as predatory and patriarchal. Pedophilic “relationships” are envisioned as involving kidnapping, brainwashing, and horrific, severe abuse. It will obviously not be accepted by people unless the way society views the sexuality of children is changed.

This is already happening and has so far been dangerously successful. There is a very strong push to redefine the gender roles of children. There are parents who are raising their sons as girls and daughters as boys, going so far as to give them hormones. These things are happening as part of a wider agenda to take child sexuality and associate it with the wider “gay” and “trans” movement. The “anti-bullying” movement is another aspect of this, as it is not against “bullying” in and of itself, but is specifically targeted at bullied children who don’t conform to traditional gender roles.

One implication of prepubescent children being able to define themselves as “transgendered”, is that they are able to understand and control their own sexuality. If children can define their own sexuality, then it follows that they have sexual autonomy. If they have sexual autonomy, then they can no longer be denied the right to consent. That these children are all just being confused and defiled by sick-minded adults with radical political agendas doesn’t matter; if we as a society accept their premises, what we now call “pedophilia” will be accepted in the future and the denial of sexual autonomy to children will be viewed as harshly intolerant. Expressing the desire to kill child rapists, which today is socially acceptable, will be considered the worst kind of “pedophobia”, up there with holocaust denial, gay bashing, and support for segregation. The social acceptance of pedophiles and the social acceptance of child sexual autonomy will inevitably become intertwined.

Something that has been obscured by the need of the gay rights movement for good PR is that the original queer activists, who first got the movement rolling during the Sexual Revolution, were also defenders of pedophilia. Harry Hay, Allen Ginsberg, and Alfred Kinsey are a few very prominent early homosexual activists who advocated for an acceptance of child sexuality, and whose works were instrumental in the success of the LGBT movement. Claims of a “slippery slope” are only fallacy if they treat it as inevitable rather than possible, and from the beginning, radical sexual “liberation” was always meant to be applied universally. Incrementalism is a core strategy of the radical left.

It is quite likely that this is going to happen, and our grandchildren just might get to experience some applied sexual education in the first grade.