Propaganda In Pajamas

propLet us compare propaganda, shall we?

  • 1943: DO WITH LESS
  • 2013: DO LESS

Seventy years later, progress is no longer about sacrifice, but excess.  1943 represents a people seeking an ideal, 2013 is post-idealistic.  Political action today requires little effort or sacrifice, it is now something you can be comfortable doing.  Grandpa’s Nazis have been replaced with Teabaggers and /pol/; we can get around to defeating them after I pose in my jim-jams.

1943 represents a generation that endured a Great Depression and a second Great War.  2013 represents a generation largely insulated from a continuing recession, whose recent wars were third-world distractions, whose only privation is of a #firstworldproblems variety.  The man of 1943 appears thankful, the man of 2013 looks self-indulgent.

Seventy years of progress has also taken its toll on Western masculinity;  both of the men above are depicted in their mid to late-twenties.

FDR proposed guaranteed healthcare as part of the “second bill of rights” in his 1944 State of the Union address.  Seventy years later we have the Affordable Care Act, which guarantees nothing of the sort, and is likely to have a negative impact on healthcare…  But at least it feels like progress.

I’m sure grandpa would be proud of us, pajamas and all.