Sunday-worship-and-vaginaIn our world the fatherly God has been killed and replaced by postmodern humanism. Throughout history societies have gone from worship of nature to more immaterial, metaphysical concepts that are beyond our comprehension. Scientific progress has helped us move away from believing the winds and tides are caused by spirits, and we are now approaching a point where even the Almighty will soon go by the wayside. However, man is not a secular animal. We are seeing a return to the pre-Christian veneration of genitals combined with postmodern feminist narratives of empowerment and an unprecedented female sense of self-worth. Take the below video for example:

Trigger warning: extreme douchebags

As bad as the PUA’s are with their focus on the vag at least they are not pussy whipping themselves before the world in the name of the “sacred feminine.” These self-flagellants are just the tip of the dildo.

What we are seeing here is a neo-pagan sanctification of the vagina and the female body. Ironically, this woman claims she is trying to “demystify” the vagina in a society where children as young as 12 are discovering hardcore pornography. Perhaps she thinks hers will be seen as more than just another semen soaked meat hole. My guess is that in 5 years this sort of thing will have moved out of the tumblrverse and trust fund studies classes and onto the cover of Cosmo.

This phenomena has its origins in the “Goddess” movement of the 1960s. Second wave feminists decided to ditch the evil patriarchal penis churches of men and form a new (lol) religion based on the good feels of the time. Decades later the Vagina Monologues first premiered in the 90’s. Founded by Eve Ensler this cult preaches the wisdom of the vagina as the source of every woman’s power and the fulcrum of female solidarity worldwide. Currently we have third wave feminist slut pride. If you want to bang a different guy everyday and twice on Sunday then it is society’s obligation to accept your lifestyle. It has morphed from an attempt to re-brand Christianity to its own pseudo-religion. Gone are the bad old days of patriarchy, where a woman’s worth only came from having a vagina. Now we are in a bold new era where a woman’s sense of worth comes from having a vagina.

Women tried to be like men and failed. After it became clear that all second wave feminism gave women was the wonderful opportunity to pursue the spinster life of dying alone and being eaten by their cats, the vast majority who were unsatisfied with political lesbianism decided to fall off the wagon and back onto the cock. This required an elaborate justification that ultimately leads to the hedonistic degeneracy of today. Women want to feel a sense of validation and worth without having to actually accomplish anything. Simply being a woman should be enough.

Herein we get Gynotheism, the veneration of the vag. This new testament of post-Christian theology highlights the lack of originality of women and leftists as a whole. Like the aforementioned PUAs, these priests of pussy and their third wave feminist cult have reduced women to nothing more than a container for their genitals. They have unironically debased themselves to their cunts in the name of empowerment because they subconsciously know that they would be meaningless without them.