Celebrating Diversity: The Cultural Enrichment of a Corporate Intern

Celebrating-DiversityWhen I was a younger man I worked for (Major American Corporation) as an intern in another state. They were all about their diversity when hiring interns, I’m surprised I got the job. I worked with people from every continent other than Antarctica and Australia.

What probably stood out the most was the difference in work ethic and engineering prowess. The most intelligent were white men from good undergraduate universities like Case Western Reserve, Georgia Tech, and Purdue. The hardest working were the Russian, Chinese (Americanized Immigrant), South American, and native whites from mediocre universities (like myself).

The bottom of the barrel consisted of Indian, Southeast Asian, Chinese (FOB), Black Americans, and Africans. They typically came to the US for graduate studies, only instead of getting graduate degrees in a difficult major like Nuclear, Aerospace, Chemical, or Mechanical engineering they chose Industrial “Engineering.” They often bragged about the easy curriculum as they watched cricket live streaming on their work machine in their cubicle. They never had much as far as social, job, or engineering skills. They were there because of the race quota.


We all hung out together regardless. This was often difficult due to the cultural differences. Some didn’t eat meat, some didn’t drink booze, some neither. Many of them would speak Hindi to each other while avoiding the English speakers at the party. Those who were from countries where guns are illegal were pretty much forced to go shooting with me at the local range. I never took a person who didn’t enjoy busting a cap or two.

I often reflect back on those times and what they actually meant. The scholastic reports claim something like 26 countries are just absolutely whooping our ass in math, reading and science. I would view this data with a high level of skepticism. The people they are graduating as engineers have very little experience or job skills when compared to a well-rounded American graduate from a decent school.

Our education standards continue to rise yet we graduate stupider and stupider people. The underlying problem of course is the belief that everyone must go to college. If we were to back our standards down to those of these lesser nations we would see much higher graduation rates, in everything.

Little Timmy doesn’t need to know calculus to wrench some bolts onto a pipe flange. Otis doesn’t give a fuck about world history when he goes to weld up a pressure vessel to code. That DD secretary writing TPS reports doesn’t need a degree in English in order to speak the language and interact with clients. We have sold our children’s future to Merchant by virtue of burying them in debt for a service they did not need. All the while these universities build monuments to their own greatness, while the jackass with a history degree gets stuck selling coffee to other degenerate whites who will pay $5 for the cup.