A Patriotic Postscript

(Thanks to commenter abcdavid01 for the catch!)

With the country largely focused on defending/attacking Nelson Mandela’s empty suit legacy, I wonder how many had the time to notice that Saturday the 7th was supposed to be a significant day of remembrance. Before there was 9/11 there was Pearl Harbor. A lot of young men died that day.

Of course, who has time to remember either of those things, when an opportunity arises to self-flagellate over oppression? When a President is taking goofy selfies during a somber international ceremony?


Thankfully, someone out there did remember to show their respects for the events of December 7, 1941.

…Unfortunately, seeing this “observance” only makes me wish more had forgotten. I think their “respects” only show us just how far we have deviated since The Greatest Generation.

Your great-grandfather murdered Japs so nasty canned pasta could honor his memory.